The RootHide development team on Wednesday announced an updated version of the RootHide Procursus-based bootstrap, this time bringing the project up to version 1.1.1.

RootHide Bootstrap.

The announcement, shared by way of a post on X (formerly Twitter), reveals that RootHide bootstrap v1.1.1 introduces the following changes over the previous release:

– Fix an issue where preferences could be redirected incorrectly when tweaks are enabled in some apps
– Improve the app’s localization
– Clean up unused code
– Fully open source with Bootstrap-basebin

If you’re already using the RootHide bootstrap, then it’s recommended that you upgrade to the latest version at your earliest convenience so that you can take advantage of the latest bug fixes and improvements aimed at smoothing out some of the rougher edges.

Those who aren’t already using the RootHide bootstrap and who are interested in giving this a try should visit the project’s GitHub page to learn more about it and to find the download links required to get this up and running. Once downloaded, the .tipa file can be perma-signed on the same device you download it on with TrollStore, which obviously requires a device running a TrollStore-compatible version of iOS or iPadOS.

The RootHide bootstrap allows non-jailbroken devices to run jailbreak tweaks within apps using a special tweak injection that works on devices vulnerable to the same CoreTrust exploit that TrollStore takes advantage of. It’s also possible to expand tweak injection support to include the entire iOS or iPadOS operating system, but this requires use of the Serotonin “semi-jailbreak.”

Have you updated to the latest version of the RootHide bootstrap yet, or have you passed on using it to await the release of the upcoming Dopamine 2 jailbreak? Be sure to let us know your reasoning in the comments section down below.

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