Amazon has announced that the price of the cheapest Ring doorbell subscription is being increased again, amounting to a doubling in cost since 2022 …

The latest increase takes effect next month, and represents a 25% increase on the current cost of the Ring Protect Basic subscription.

Ring doorbell subscription

While the device works in a very basic way without a subscription, an app plan is required for many core features:

  • Alarm and disarm remotely
  • Alarm notifications
  • Alarm event history
  • Home and Away modes

Back in 2022, the Protect Basic subscription cost $24.99 per year. It was subsequently increased to $39.99 (or $3.99 per month), and is now increasing to $49.99 (or $4.99 per month).

Price hike angers customers

BBC News reports that customers are reacting angrily to the news.

One took to the Ring message board to say they would cancel their subscriptions and boycott the company.

Another user wrote: “40% plus increase in annual fee for no extra benefits. Not even an attempt to justify.”

Many other customers said they had now cancelled their subscriptions, while some said they had previously recommended the cameras but would not do so now.

Industry commenters also question the price rise.

Natalie Hitchins, from the Consumer group Which?, said the big price rise was “unwelcome” given many people were struggling with the cost of living.

“Ring must justify these steep increases to its customers, particularly when it is unclear how its services are improving,” she said […]

Ring is one of the market leaders – but Chris Beer, from GWI, said the price hike could dent parent firm’s Amazon’s reputation.

Amazon was last year fined for privacy breaches relating to the Ring doorbell camera.

Image: 9to5Mac collage of images from Ring and Luke Chesser on Unsplash

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