There are a multitude of options when it comes to MagSafe-enabled wallets for your iPhone. One of the ones I’ve been testing recently fits the bill if you want something more rugged for hiking, running, etc. The Pelican MagSafe Wallet & Card Holder is a great option for storing cards and cash in a MagSafe wallet that snaps shut.

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What makes the Pelican Magnetic Wallet different from the others I’ve previously reviewed is its waterproof. Once the case is snapped shut, it is IPX4-rated water-resistant. If you’re on a hike, camping, or live in a rainy climate, the case will do an excellent job of keeping everything dry and away from the elements. It can easily hold up to 4 cards in the right slot (depending on the thickness) and some cash. The cash slot is pretty handy for keeping a spare $20, but you can also keep a slimmer card (library tag, etc) behind the cash, as it has plenty of give.

While it’s missing some options other wallets have, like a built-in stand, the tradeoffs make it worth it if you’re after something more durable for outdoor weather and experiences. Many reviews mention that the wallet is RFID-blocking, but the official materials don’t mention it, so your mileage may vary if that is a feature you’re looking for.

Overall, I like the Pelican Magnetic Wallet a lot. It’s a great wallet option for a child with an iPhone, as it can hold cash, a house key, and a few identification cards. It stays securely connected to the iPhone and stays securely snapped unless you unsnap it. For the cost, it’s a great value and a great MagSafe wallet option.

Pelican Magnetic Wallet

I’ve turned over day-to-day usage of it to my son, and it’s becoming the best wallet for him. It stays connected to his iPhone, so it’s one less thing to lose while it snaps shut so his snack money stays locked away.

Key features of the Pelican Magnetic Wallet and Card Holder:

  • Strong Built-In Magnets (Holds 3x iPhone weight)
  • Works with Magsafe Devices and Magnetic Phone Cases
  • Easy Access to All Card
  • Protective Design
  • Slim and Comfortable Grip
  • Two Separate Compartments for Cash and Cards
  • Fits Up to 4 Cards
  • Latch Opens and Closes Easily with a Simple Snap
  • Durable Hardshell Design
  • IPX4 Rated Water Resistance

The Pelican Magnetic Wallet can be purchased from Amazon or Pelican Outdoors.

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