It’s always a good day when Nomad announces a new accessory for the iPhone. But today, the brand is poised to launch not just one, but two entirely new iPhone accessories.

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Nomad is particularly renowned for their use of Horween leather products, and it’s becoming even more popular now than ever thanks to Apple’s decision to pull out of the leather business and switch to a more sustainable FineWoven material that hasn’t quite stolen the hearts of consumers.

Magnetic Leather Back for iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max

Nomad Magnetic Leather Back.

First on Nomad’s new product list is what they’re calling a Magnetic Leather Back for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. It’s a lot like a skin, except that a built-in magnet array lets users snap it on and off with ease as opposed to an adhesive-based skin that’s essentially a one-time-use product. Those same magnets make it compatible with all your MagSafe accessories.

Nomad black Horween leather back.

Nomad’s Magnetic Leather Back provides basic protection for the rear of your device from everyday use, including the camera hump, but provides unfettered access to the rest of your device, essentially making it feel caseless in your hand – a truly wonderful feeling.

Nomad brown Horween leather back for iPhone.

According to Nomad, the Magnetic Leather Back has been through 20 different iterations in the past two years, and they finally feel confident enough in their design to bring it to market.

A built-in TPU bumper keeps your camera lenses safe from wear and tear while internal magnets sturdily prevent the Magnetic Leather Back from sliding off your iPhone as you use and pocket it. Still, if you require more protection for a certain event, it’s easy enough to snap off so that you can put a full case on.

We think that Nomad’s Magnetic Leather Backs are going to be popular among minimalists who like the look and feel of leather, but don’t want the additional bulk that comes with putting a case on your device.

Available in both black and brown leather flavors, you can acquire a Nomad Magnetic Leather Back for your iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max from Nomad’s website for $40. Unfortunately, the brand hasn’t made this product available for other models of iPhone yet, and it’s unknown at this time if there are any plans to.

Super Slim Case for iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max

Nomad Super Slim Case.

The second of Nomad’s brand-new accessories is the Super Slim Case, which takes minimalist to another level.

You may remember Nomad’s Super Slim Case if you had an iPhone 14 series handset, but the brand is bringing the case back for Apple’s latest handsets because of its popularity as a non-bulky protective option.

Nomad carbide super slim case for iPhone 15 Pro.

Crafted from 50% recycled materials and sporting a premium grippy matte finish, Nomad’s Super Slim Case feels almost as great in your hand as the iPhone would without a case on it. Due to its slim nature, it’s also fully compatible with wireless charging (mileage may vary with MagSafe).

Nomad Super Slim Cade for iPhone 15 Pro in frost.

While it’s thin and doesn’t offer much drop protection, Nomad’s Super Slim Case is perfect for people who want protection from being placed on a tabletop or pulled in and out of your pocket frequently. It lends 360º protection with chamfered cutouts for buttons and ports, and it even provides a raised lip for the camera to keep it safe as well.

If you think you’d like to dress your iPhone up in a Nomad Super Slim Case, then you can head over to the brand’s website where they’re available for the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max in either Frost (lighter) or Carbide (darker) for $30. Unfortunately, other iPhone devices don’t appear to be supported at this time.

Wrapping up

Nomad certainly appears to be kicking off the 2024 year with minimalism in mind, which is an exciting idea for those who enjoy the iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max’s new titanium finish.

I’m particularly excited to get my hands on some of these accessories because I’m not a bulky case user unless I know I’ll be using my iPhone in a rough environment. But for most office-style work, these accessories are perfect.

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