Just yesterday, we reported on the release of the latest package manager app for jailbroken devices called PurePKG by PureKFD developer lordsnow — a new alternative to the Sileo and Zebra package manager apps that have reigned supreme for years.

PurePKG home page.

PurePKG, which offers unique new aesthetics for the same package and repository management activities that existing package managers apps have provided before it evokes similar feelings to using PureKFD; not that this is very surprising, given how they’re made by the same developer.

Today, however, PurePKG received its first update since launching out of beta as v1.0 in the form of v1.1, which according to the GitHub page, includes the following changes:

– Add support for adding multiple repositories at one time
– Fix dpkg status parsing in the installed tab
– Fix version comparing
– Fix duplicate repositories appearing by performing additional checks
– Fix system version
– Fix PurePKG .deb files not installing and repository not loading
– Fix jailbreak tweak downgrading
– Add a basic UI mode

Existing users of PurePKG can download and install the latest version of the package manager app either from the project’s GitHub page where it is open-sourced, or from the jailbreak repository via the package manager itself.

If you’re not already using PurePKG and you’re interested in giving it a try, then you can visit the GitHub page to download the most recent .deb file for your device or add the following repository to your device:


As PurePKG is still very early in its development, we advise users to be aware of possible bugs. It’s a good idea for users to continue using Sileo or Zebra either as their primary package manager app, or at the very least, as a backup to PurePKG so that they have something stable to fall back on in case of issues.

We should also note that PurePKG, while intended for jailbreaks, can also be used on the RootHide bootstrap and on the Serotonin ‘semi-jailbreak.’

Are you using the PureKFD package manager app yet? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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