Over the years, there have been a number of smartphones with built-in kick-stands. I always thought they were somewhat gimmicky. After spending some time various iPhone kick-stands, I am now in the “I wouldn’t hate an iPhone with a built-in stand. I’ve been testing the MOFT Phone Tripod for the past week or two, and it’s great device to keep in your travel bag.

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What are the use cases?

The MOFT Phone Tripod resembles many MagSafe-compatible wallets, but it comes in an origami style. It can be used in a variety of ways at multiple angles, including vertical and horizontal. It’s only .27 inches thick but can raise your iPhone up to 8 inches in height. That makes it useful for holding your phone steady while recording, watching videos at your desk, or catching up on a movie on a plane. It’s thin enough to permanently leave it on your iPhone without noticing.

MOFT Phone Tripod

Multiple times a day, I tend to take Zoom meetings away from my desk and my iPhone. This is the perfect device for that. I find the iPhone a better way to take video meetings as it has a much better front-facing camera than my Mac, and there is also a level of focus it brings where you can’t multi-task. I also hate that people’s monitor setups require them to look away from their webcam, as it’s hard to tell if folks are paying attention. With this device, I can easily prop up my iPhone at a great height, take the call, and focus on the meeting at hand.

Materials and durability

The MOFT Phone Tripod is crafted from MOVAS M-E Series vegan leather. This blend strikes a nice balance between softness, durability, and sustainability, ensuring it’s non-toxic and kind to the environment. In a lot of ways, this is what Apple’s finewoven cases should have been made from. It feels great to the touch.

Wrap up

MOFT Phone Tripod

MagSafe is generally seen as a charging technology, but in this product, it’s more about getting your device to the right angle for the use case. It’s great for recording, meeting, watching movies, and much more. With a variety of possibilities for angles, the MOFT Phone Tripod is a fantastic iPhone accessory and goes great in your travel bag.

You can buy it from Amazon or directly from MOFT in a variety of colors.

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