The Misaka package manager used to be an iPhone and iPad-only app, but thanks to recent developments by project lead developer @straight_tamago, Misaka is now available on the Apple TV in a more limited capacity and can be used to modify the user experience of tvOS.

Misaka for tvOS OTA update blocker setting.

Since its initial release, Misaka for tvOS has received several minor updates that have each gradually improved the app’s feature set and user experience. We’ll share what’s new in those updates, leading up the latest release that launched only late Friday night (version 5.3), below:

Misaka for tvOS v5.1

– Added an OTA update blocker (thanks @ichitaso)

Misaka for tvOS v5.2

– MacDirtyCow (MDC)/Kernel File Descriptor (KFD)/Unsupported Auto Detect
– Updated OTA update blocker (tvOS 17)
– Fix typos

Misaka for tvOS v5.3

– Fix broken OTA update blocker

As you can probably tell, most of these updates have at least something to do with the implementation of an OTA update blocker that users can take advantage of to avoid updating the firmware on their Apple TVs. This is an important feature, as Apple TVs are generally always connected to power and Wi-Fi and are often set to update their software automatically.

Should an Apple TV update to the latest firmware, they will be unable to run Misaka for tvOS hacks and add-ons due to the fact that the latest firmware isn’t susceptible to either the MacDirtyCow or Kernel File Descriptor kernel exploits.

If you’re an existing Misaka for tvOS user, then it’s strongly recommended for you to download and install the latest update at your earliest convenience. New or prospective users should also choose to download the latest release to start off with, as it ensures you have the best user experience from the start.

Installing Misaka for tvOS involves using Sideloadly’s over-network installation feature since most Apple TVs don’t have a USB port anymore. Once you download the .ipa file from the project’s GitHub page, you can use Sideloadly to install it. You can then install TrollStore for Apple TV on your device and perma-sign Misaka so that you won’t have to re-sign it every seven days.

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Are you using the latest version of Misaka for tvOS yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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