The first-ever Apple silicon-powered Mac Pro is having a weird moment, and it only just launched.

It runs on the M2 Ultra chip, so technically an M1 Ultra version could have come out last year. Of course, we know what happened there.

It doesn’t support external graphics cards like the 2019 Mac Pro (which was a course correction to the thermally corned 2013 Mac Pro).

It has a strong I/O game, though, and it’s the only Apple silicon Mac capable of interfacing with PCI cards for ultra-fast storage and networking.

The ability to pack the Mac Pro’s rather empty yet beautiful case with even more expensive and mission critical expansion cards is worth $3,000. That’s compared to the Mac Studio with identical out-of-the-box performance.

Then there’s the RAM thing: 192GB tops now versus 1.5TB before – although that came with the cost of a decent sedan.

Cars aside, the newest entry in the story of the Macintosh on wheels is a weird hard drive issue that will require a software update to fix.

“In a support document published today, Apple said certain SATA hard drives might unexpectedly disconnect from the 2023 Mac Pro after the computer wakes from sleep,” reports Joe Rossignol for MacRumors. “Apple said it is ‘aware of this issue’ and will fix it in a ‘future macOS update.’”

The trick for early adopters with internal SATA drives, says J. Ross, is to toggle the desktop equivalent of this advanced display preference on in System Settings:

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