It’s no secret people are obsessed with their smartphones. If you ever accidentally leave the house without your phone, you might feel like you’re missing a limb because of how useful and practical it is to have on you at all times.

As important as a smartphone can be throughout the day, should it be a part of your nightly routine? Would you say that your smartphone is the last thing you look at before going to bed, or do you spend your nights screen-free?


Your Smartphone Can Keep You Up at Night

Photos of a man asleep with a smartphone and watch beside him

There are reasons why sleeping next to your phone is a bad idea, but what about looking at it before you fall asleep? Because there’s so much you can do on your phone, it’s not a smart idea to relax with your phone right before bed.

Watching one episode of your latest Netflix favorite or playing a mobile game for just a little bit can easily turn into three episodes or two hours. The “time flies when you’re having fun” idiom rings true here. Plus, when you’re watching a video or playing a game, you can’t see the current time on your phone, which makes it much easier to accidentally stay up past your bedtime.

Not to mention, the unnatural light from your smartphone can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm. Your phone’s “Night Shift” mode doesn’t help you sleep better, despite what has widely been said about blue light versus orange light. Looking at any sort of screen before bed could potentially fool your body into thinking it’s not time to go to bed just yet.

Reading, Meditating, or Stretching Are Good Alternatives

A person reading a book in bed

Though looking at your smartphone may be the most obvious thing to do right before bed, there are some fun alternatives. You can commit to reading a chapter or two of a book, meditating and breathing for a set amount of time, or stretching out your achy muscles. All of these alternatives help slow your mind and get you ready to fall asleep.

What’s the Last Thing You Look at Before Falling Asleep?

I use my smartphone every night until I fall asleep. Sometimes, I even fall asleep with my phone still in my hand. I can’t remember the last screen-free night I had, and that should probably change. I constantly struggle to fall asleep and wake up on time, and it’s quite possible the culprit is being on my phone until I go to bed.

Are you like me, with your smartphone in hand until you drift off to sleep? Or do you purposefully not look at your phone before going to sleep?

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