Apple is preparing to imminently release iOS 17.4.1, which will come with the build number 21E235. There’s no word on what’s new in iOS 17.4.1, but the update will focus on bug fixes and performance improvements rather than new features.

The information was shared on social media by a private account with a strong track record. The account has previously shared details about upcoming iOS software updates on multiple different occasions. 9to5Mac has also seen growing signs of iOS 17.4.1 in our analytics data, as have our friends at MacRumors.

iOS 17.4 was released on March 5 with a number of new features, including alternative app store support in the European Union. The update also included transcripts in Apple Podcasts, improvements to Stolen Device Protection and Siri, new emoji, and more.

What about iOS 17.5?

In addition to iOS 17.4.1, we’re also expecting Apple to begin beta testing iOS 17.5 sooner rather than later. Most notably, Apple recently announced that it has more changes planned for iPhone users in the EU as part of its efforts to comply with the Digital Markets Act.

The big change is that developers will be able to offer their apps for download directly from their website. Apple says that this feature will launch sometime this spring, suggesting it will be included in iOS 17.5.

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