Meta had confirmed earlier this year that it would let users choose to see less politics-related content on Instagram and Threads. Now the company has confirmed that this option is finally being rolled out to users on both platforms. Read on as we detail how the feature works and where to find the new toggle.

Users can now limit political content from Instagram and Threads

According to the company, the new option comes as a measure not to “proactively recommend political content from accounts you don’t follow.” The new toggle will be enabled by default, but users can manually opt to see political content on their timeline if they wish. When enabled, Instagram and Threads will only show political content from accounts you follow.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the new toggle to limit political content is now being rolled out to users, although it’s still unclear whether the option is limited to certain regions around the world.

If you want to check if your Instagram and Theads accounts already have the new option, here’s how to do it:

  • Open Instagram or Threads
  • Go to your Account Settings menu
  • Tap the Suggested Content option
  • Choose the Political Content menu (if available)

The settings affect suggestions in Explore, Reels, Feed, and Suggested Users. It automatically applies to both Instagram and Threads.

More updates

A few days ago, Threads announced that it will show sports scores in the app, starting with NBA games. The platform also launched a beta preview of how integration with the fediverse will work. The integration with the fediverse is now available to a small number of users.

Make sure you have the latest versions of the Instagram and Threads apps installed on your phone to get access to the new features.

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