Cyclone Biporjoy: How to track live location online

After Mocha in the Bay of Bengal, Biporjoy— the second storm of the 2023 North Indian Ocean cyclone season is here. This time the cyclone has hit the western side of the Indian mainland. It transformed into a cyclonic storm on June 6, and is expected to hit the Kutch coast. It has existed as a cyclone over the Arabian Sea for the past few days, making it one of the long- lasting cyclones to impact India.

What cyclone Biporjoy means

The cyclone Biporjoy derives its name from the Bengali name recommended by Bangladesh means ‘disaster’. Cyclones are named as per the guidelines by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Here’s how you can track cyclone Biporjoy on your smartphones:

Zoom Earth website: The website offers real-time updates on the storm’s progress. It also shows satellite image animations and affected areas. Users can access the websites via smartphones or desktops. Additionally, the app also gives data on wind, pressure, temperature, humidity fluctuations, and barometric pressure charts. The website tracks progress of cyclones and the areas it is likely to affect. Users can download the Rainviewer mobile app to keep a track on the storm. is another website that tracks updates of the storm. For example, to know more about cyclone Mocha, the website redirects to the ‘Mocha Storm Tracker’ page. It also shows the affected areas.

SkyMet Weather app/website: The app/ website provides updates on weather across regions and also other warnings.

India Meteorological Department website: Smartphone users can also track the cyclone Mocha on IMD’s website.


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