Learn how to make a video recording of what’s in the virtual view in front of you when you’re using your Apple Vision Pro headset.

Video playback on Apple Vision Pro

When you do a screen recording on your iPhone or Mac, it records everything on the screen, including new notifications.

In the same fashion, when you record your Apple Vision Pro view, it will capture all the app windows, buttons, menu items, virtual Environments, and the actual visible background like that of your room or office.

So, if you have something sensitive on the screen, you should make sure to hide it from the view first. Of course, if you’re entering passwords on the Vision Pro screen, Apple has thoughtful precautions in place, which will obscure the entire view in the final screenshot or screen recording file.

Record your screen view on Apple Vision Pro

1) Open the Control Center on your Vision Pro by looking up on the screen and tapping the downward arrow icon.

Arrow icon on Vision Pro to open Control Center

2) Tap the Control Center icon. It’s the same icon you see for Control Center on your Mac’s top menu bar or in the iPhone Settings app.

Control Center icon on Vision Pro

3) Tap the screen record button.

Screen Recording button in Vision Pro Control Center

Now, everything that appears on your Vision Pro view will start becoming part of the video recording.

4) Once you finish, tap the screen record button in the visionOS Control Center to stop the screen recording. Alternatively, you can tap the top red status bar and then hit Stop.

See your Vision Pro screen recordings

Head over to the Vision Pro Photos app to find your screen recordings. You can play the recording and also share it.

Can you record movies and TV shows playing on Vision Pro?

While some services like YouTube do not block you from recording video playback, others like Apple TV and Disney+ prevent screenshots and screen recordings to protect their movie or TV shows.

Can’t see the Screen Record option on Vision Pro?

If you cannot find the screen recording button in the visionOS Control Center, you can add it by going to the Vision Pro Settings app > Control Center.

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