Immediately after I/O 2023 last month, Google started more widely rolling out Workspace Labs, and “Help me write” is now seeing wide availability in Gmail for Android and iOS for enrolled testers.

Like on the desktop app, you’re first greeted with an introductory prompt for generative AI. Afterward, a “Help me write” button will appear in the bottom-right corner. Tapping lets you enter a prompt, with the “Create” button featuring the blue/purple wave as it works. You can generate a new one and leave feedback before inserting it.

Once the text is entered in the compose feed, tapping the button again lets you “Refine” the message in a handful of ways: Formalize, Elaborate, Shorten, I’m Feeling Lucky, and Write a draft. This will take another few seconds with the icon pulsing to note progress.

This will generate a new response, and you can have that “Replace” what’s already filled in.

As of this afternoon, we’re seeing Gmail’s “Help me write” tool widely rolled out for those enrolled in the Workspace Labs program on Android and iOS. We’re not yet seeing it in the Google Docs mobile apps.

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