This is one of those deals that I can just tell is going to be really popular. It’s the perfect combination of a solid, useful product at a no-brainer price. Amazon right now has the LISEN stand for iPhone, as well as other smartphones and small tablets, on sale for less than $8. These stands fold for portability, they can bend and rotate to hold your device in almost any position, and right now you can get two of them for just $7.80.

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Everything you need to know:

  • You get two of these stands for one low price
  • The stand has a triple-hinge design which allows it to bend and flex in a variety of ways
  • The stand also rotates a full 360 degrees at the base so you can face your device any direction
  • You can also bend the stand at the cradle, meaning your device’s camera can point straight down
  • There’s a soft-grip material in the cradle to keep your device secure and protected from scratches
  • The stands fold almost completely flat (with the notches from the cradle sticking up) for storage and portability
  • The stands have a 4.5-star rating on nearly 800 reviews (with a B grade from FakeSpot)
  • You must clip the on-page 7% coupon and enter promo code 15NRRZN7 at checkout to get the full discount

See at Amazon for $7.80

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