Whenever you take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad, your display flashes white as a visual cue that designates that a screenshot has been captured and saved to your photo library. But obviously, there are some instances where you might want to go full stealth mode and hide the screenshot flash.

SBShot banner image.
The SBShot toggle button appears at the bottom left of Control Center in this example.

Fortunately, iOS developer iCraze has a free jailbreak tweak for people who desire stealthy screenshot-taking. It’s called SBShot, and it’s a CCSupport add-on that puts a dedicated toggle in your Control Center to be turned on or off on demand.

As you can see for yourself in the screenshot examples above and below, SBShot puts a new item in the Settings → Control Center preference pane that you can drag in or out of Control Center on demand:

SBShot preference pane.
The SBShot toggle can be put in Control Center from the Settings app.

Once added to Control Center, you will find a new icon in the Control Center user interface that you can tap to turn on or tap to turn off. While enabled, taking screenshots doesn’t impose the screen flash effect, but while disabled, taking screenshots will as normal.

In effect, this makes it possible to take a screenshot without anyone around you noticing. It can be extremely helpful in instances where people are watching your hands while you handle sensitive information on your screen that you may want to take a screenshot of for viewing later.

While the use cases for this tweak may seem niche, it’s also great for people who just hate the flash effect and want it gone, even if they’re not trying to be stealthy.

Those interested in giving SBShot a try can download it for free from iCraze’s personal repository on their jailbroken device via their favorite package manager app. For those who aren’t already using the iCraze repository, the URL for it is as follows:


Are you planning to try the SBShot jailbreak tweak? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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