Apple is rolling out a new version of AirTag firmware today, the first update since October. Here’s how to check your AirTag firmware version.

The new version of AirTag software build rolling out today is build number 2A73 and firmware version 2.0.73. This is up from the previous firmware version of 2.0.61, which was released with “bug fixes and other improvements” back in October.

There’s no word on what’s new in AirTag Firmware Update 2.0.73 just yet. Apple has a support document with AirTag update release notes, but that webpage hasn’t been updated to acknowledge today’s release just yet.

How to check your AirTag firmware version

The process of checking your AirTag firmware version is a bit hidden. On your iPhone, open the Find My application, then choose the Items tab in the bottom navigation bar. Then, choose your AirTag from the list of items and tap on the name of your AirTag. Doing this should reveal the serial number and firmware version of your AirTag.

Again, if your AirTag does not show that it’s running the latest firmware, there is no way to force it to update. Instead, just make sure your AirTag is in range of your iPhone, and it should automatically update.

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