Apple and Google are actively negotiating using Gemini’s generative large-language models to power some new AI features on iPhone in iOS 18.

According to the latest edition of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple could license Google’s Gemini engine to power some of the new artificial intelligence (AI) features coming to the iPhone with iOS 18.

In addition, Gurman claims that the Cupertino tech giant has also considered using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to power some of its upcoming generative AI features.

Such an agreement would build on the longstanding search deal to make Google Search the default on Apple’s devices, worth an estimated $18 billion per year.

Apple may use Google Gemini to boost AI on iPhone

Gurman claims iOS 18 will include AI features that run directly on the device and those based on the power of the cloud. Rumor has it that Apple is interested in partnering with Google as a third-party provider for the latter.
iPhone 13 Pro Max in person's hand, with cyberpunk artificial intelligence-themed wallpaper on the Lock ScreeniOS 18 is supposed to bring on-device AI features that don’t require an internet connection, like automatically generated playlists in the Music app and the ability to create slide decks in Keynote from user prompts. To that end, Apple will allegedly boost its Neural Engine coprocessor, responsible for running machine learning tasks at high speeds without taxing the CPU or draining the battery.

In addition to those features, Apple is allegedly looking to use generative AI capabilities like image generation and a writing assistant. That’s where the Google deal would fit. Realizing it has fallen behind in the AI race, Tim Cook & Co. have reportedly decided to partner with a company that already has expensive infrastructure in place to support iOS 18’s planned AI features at Apple’s scale.

Why this deal would make sense

Apple doesn’t like to rely on external partners for crucial features; instead, it wants to ultimately own the technological solutions at the core of its products. But Apple has already lost precious time. It simply cannot afford to spend months building out the infrastructure to support generative AI features on two billions of iPhones out there.

Apple needs cool AI features in time for iOS 18’s launch in September, and partnering with Google will help deliver them, but we also think Apple will eventually build AI infrastructure to reduce dependency on Google.

Gurman previously said Apple tested its own chatbot that could rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and a custom Ajax framework for large language models. These AI initiatives are said to cost the company approximately $1 billion per year.

Something AI-related is cooking in Apple’s kitchen because its top executives reportedly consider iOS 18 the most significant update in the company’s history.

Cook is a believer in generative AI

CEO Tim Cook recently teased investors at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, saying Apple sees “incredible breakthrough potential for generative AI, which is why we’re currently investing significantly in this area.”

Cook wouldn’t reveal details but he promised that Apple will discuss these features “later this year,” by which he probably means at the WWDC24 in June.

“Let me just say that I think there’s a huge opportunity for Apple with generative AI and with AI, without getting into many more details or getting out ahead of myself,” Cook said before wrapping up the investor call.

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