The Now Playing interface on iOS 16 received a bevy of cosmetic changes compared to previous versions of iOS, and anyone who might be interested in porting those cosmetic differences on a device running iOS 14 or 15 can now do so with a new jailbreak tweak called 16Player by iOS developers tesla_man and Bibi Fire.

16Player screenshot examples.

Not only does 16Player bring the positively received expanded Music Player to earlier versions of iOS, but it gives users a ton of options to mess with to their heart’s content, lending seemingly endless possibilities for custom aesthetics.

As you can see in the various screenshot examples embedded in this piece, 16Player supports both landscape and portrait orientation on supported devices. What’s more is that the tweak supports both notched and Home Button-equipped devices, as well as iPads.

16Player Landscape Orientation support.

In addition to porting the iOS 16-style Now Playing interface to iOS 14 and 15, users can also configure options via the dedicated preference pane in the Settings app. Among the different things that you can do there are:

Artwork settings:

  • Expand the artwork size in landscape and portrait orientation
  • Configure artwork shadow’s offset, radius, opacity, and color
  • Configure the artwork corner radius
  • Configure the artwork’s drop shadow’s offset, radius, opacity, and color

Player settings:

  • Configure the player’s gestures (left, right, up, and down)
  • Configure button background color, foreground color, and haptic feedback effects
  • Adjust the spacing between the artwork and the player in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Adjust the time control offset
  • Adjust the player height
  • Adjust the player background color
  • Adjust the player background alpha
  • Adjust the player corner radius
  • Adjust the player border size and color
  • Adjust the player background drop shadow’s offset, radius, opacity, and color
  • Adjust the track’s time bar color

Labels and button settings:

  • Hide or show buttons
  • Adjust the button and label alpha levels
  • Adjust the button and label coloring
  • Move the time labels to the side
  • Hide the iPhone text

Lock Screen settings:

  • Set the album artwork as your wallpaper
  • Choose between blurred, alpha effects, or always showing for the artwork wallpaper
  • Configure the alpha level
  • Configure the filter color
  • Configure notification offset settings in landscape and portrait orientations
  • Edit the volume HUD
  • Hide Quick Action buttons for flashlight and camera when album artwork is expanded
  • And more…

Customized 16Player interfaces.

We love the idea of not only porting a newer style of user interface to older versions of iOS with a jailbreak tweak, but also the concept of making it more customizable than even the stock option on newer versions of iOS. Having said that, we think that 16Player checks a lot of boxes.

Even if you think the tweak is lacking on features, the developers note in the tweak depiction  that they are open to feature requests, so chances are you could request something and it would be added in a future update, which is always a plus in terms of tweak support.

If you’re interested in giving 16Player a try, then you can purchase it for $2.49 from the Chariz repository via your favorite package manager app. The tweak requires a jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 14 or 15 device to be used.

Are you planning to try the new 16Player tweak out? Or are you already jailbroken on iOS 16? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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