Linux Academy is frequently touted as one of the best resources you can use to learn Linux. Considering the steep subscription cost, however, you’re not alone if you’ve had second thoughts about taking the plunge. Here’s a brief overview of whether Linux Academy is worth it.

What Is Linux Academy?

Linux Academy is a subscription-based platform that offers courses in topics ranging from certification prep to in-depth development concepts. It is frequently touted as one of the best resources you can use to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ exam. Recently, Linux Academy became a part of the A Cloud Guru platform.


Overview of the Linux Academy Course

A Cloud Guru’s Linux Academy is impressively comprehensive. After you sign up for an account with A Cloud Guru on the Linux Academy login page, the platform homepage will load. You will need to click on the menu icon on the upper left corner of the screen and select Browse from the drop-down menu to navigate to the Linux selection of courses.

viewing the homepage of a cloud guru platform

Once you’ve reached the Browse page, click on Linux and you will be brought to A Cloud Guru’s complete library of Linux certification courses. You can use the filtering menu found at the top right corner of the page to search for specific types of labs, topics, skill levels, or job roles.

Of the 744 courses currently offered in Linux, only four are completely free. It isn’t possible to gain an in-depth understanding of Linux through the free courses offered, but you can familiarize yourself with the basic concepts through their Linux Operating System Fundamentals course.

Each course has several subchapters. For example, the Linux Operating Systems Fundamentals course covers topics like the basics of Linux distributions and the history of the open-source movement. Some courses offer labs that allow you to apply your new skills hands-on.

What Is Linux Academy’s Pricing Model?

Linux Academy has a fairly basic pricing model. Their Personal Basic plan costs $348 per year or $35 per month and includes basic fast-track certification courses, while their Personal Plus plan includes AWS, Azure, and GCP sandboxes for $468 per year or $47 per month.

You can save a lot of money by waiting for them to offer one of their discounted plans. Linux Academy frequently offers the Personal Basic annual plan for $174 and the Personal Plus annual plan for $234. The monthly prices are similarly discounted during these sales.

You don’t have to pay for Linux Academy if you just want to explore the basic features, however. Linux Academy also offers a free plan with limited access to courses and materials. The best part of their free subscription is that you don’t have to sign up with any credit card information.

Is Linux Academy a Good Way to Learn Linux?

A Cloud Guru’s Linux training academy is an excellent way to learn about Linux if you’re willing to pay the subscription cost. Ideally, you should wait for the platform to offer one of their limited-time sales before you purchase the subscription.

Many of the subscriber-exclusive courses are impressively in-depth. For example, they offer a Red Hat Certified Engineer [RHEL 8 RHCE] course with over 20.7 hours of content and 23 labs.

When the course is paired with A Cloud Guru’s other courses on RHEL, it becomes one of the best resources on the web for preparing for the exam.

Before paying for Linux Academy, you should register for a free account and browse their course catalog to determine whether their courses align with your goals. If you find that they offer several courses in the Linux topics you’re interested in, it’s worth taking the plunge and beginning your learning journey.

Start Your Linux Journey Today

You don’t have to stick to just one resource as you learn about Linux. Many free courses across the web provide impressive in-depth labs on topics like SSH and Bash. If you’re ready to start your Linux journey, all you need to do is install a distro of your choice and start practicing.

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