U&i has introduced a new range of speakers in India, following the launch of the Rainbow Series Bluetooth Soundbar and Finger Series Smartwatch last month.

U&i Surround Series (UiBS-5580)

The U&i Surround Series (UiBS-5580) is a 4.1-channel multimedia speaker system designed to enhance movie-watching experiences with front and rear stereo channel outputs.

With a 60-watt system and subwoofer, it delivers immersive sound. It can connect to TVs or PCs, offers FM radio, AUX input, and USB flash drive support. A remote control is included for convenience.

Quick specifications: U&i Surround Series (UiBS-5580)
  • 4.1 channel multimedia speaker system
  • 60W system with subwoofer
  • Front and rear stereo channel outputs
  • Connects to TV or PC for surround sound
  • FM radio, AUX input, and USB flash drive support
  • Includes remote control
U&i Mini Twin Tower (UiBS-5166)

The U&i Mini Twin Tower (UiBS-5166) comprises Bluetooth bookshelf speakers with a cordless mic for karaoke sessions.

Each speaker has a 4-inch mid-range driver and 8-inch side-firing woofer, delivering 120 watts of power. It offers FM, AUX-in, and USB connectivity, with preset sound profiles and a remote control.

Quick specifications: U&i Mini Twin Tower (UiBS-5166)
  • Bluetooth bookshelf speakers with cordless mic
  • 120W system with 4-inch mid-range driver and 8-inch side-firing woofer
  • FM, AUX-in, and USB connectivity
  • Preset sound profiles (Dance, Sport, Sing, Music)
  • Includes cordless microphone
U&i Budget 18 Series (UiBS-8613)

The U&i Budget 18 Series (UiBS-8613) is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a compact design for easy carrying. It features a 7-watt speaker, 52mm driver, and 1200mAh battery for 6 hours of playtime.

It includes a memory card slot, microphone for calls, high-frequency horn, and ‘mega bass’ mode. Available in Black, Brown, Green, Red, and Blue.

Quick specifications: U&i Budget 18 Series (UiBS-8613)
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker
  • 7W speaker with 52mm driver
  • 1200mAh battery for 6-hour playtime
  • Built-in memory card slot
  • Microphone for hands-free calls
  • High-frequency horn and ‘Mega bass’ mode
Pricing and availability
  • U&i Surround Series (UiBS-5580) priced at Rs. 5,499
  • U&i Mini Twin Tower (UiBS-5166) priced at Rs. 12,499
  • U&i Budget 18 Series (UiBS-8613) priced at Rs. 1,299

These speakers are available at U&i outlets and leading retail stores across India.

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