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TRON unveiled its new mission, vision, and values at its annual internal conference last week. Founder Justin Sun delivered a speech outlining TRON’s ongoing commitment to honoring its original goals, to innovating with real-world solutions, and to empowering decentralized commerce and community for every person on the planet. The surprise was how. 

Sun said TRON’s new mission is to build a Metaverse free port, coupled with TRON’s vision to enable global economic inclusion for all 8 billion people on Earth. 

“The future of TRON will be a vibrant blue ocean full of opportunities where finance can be accessible to everyone in the world, and the network will eventually become a free port for financial services in the metaverse,” Sun explained. “As always, all of our services will be compliant and abide by requirements of local jurisdictions,” said Sun. 

TRON will focus on earning trust from users while growing in trustworthiness with regulators in every context where services are offered. 

Now with the second most total value locked (TVL) among all blockchains, the network has the most daily active users and the most daily active transactions, with more than 166.58 million total accounts and more than 5.85 billion transactions since inception. 

Values and Principles

TRON’s values were also updated and clarified at the annual event. The team intends to hold to and honor the following values: 

  • Champion’s Mindset – being a team with exceptional individuals who have high ambitions, endure hardship, and rise to win together
  • Community Obsession – putting users and togetherness front and center
  • Embrace Change – filtering through emerging trends to pivot appropriately for innovation while not chasing fads
  • Long Termism – building in the now with a clear view for the future in order to have a robust ecosystem that creates enormous public value

In order to clarify its values and help team members embody those values together, the following guiding principles were put forth: 

  • Simplicity Achiever – earning trust in order to make our organization simpler, more cohesive, and able to maintain certainty in the face of doubt (FUD)
  • Do good things– doing what one was originally intended to do while sticking to basic values and brand building 
  • 7*24 Standby Professional – leaving an honorable and lasting impression for users in every encounter, every day of the week, every hour of the day
  • Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Jobs – growing excellence through competence and global-mindedness while remembering origins and trajectory together

Public Chain + Exchange + Stablecoin

Under the newly established business model of “public chain + exchange + stablecoin,” TRON aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the needs of its users and contributes to the growth of the industry. With a focus on creating a metaverse free port and ensuring the inclusion of the eight billion people worldwide into the digital age, TRON is determined to make a significant impact on the global digital economy.

TRON’s vision now extends beyond its current achievements, as it aims to create a Metaverse marketplace and community center built on blockchain tech and decentralized finance. With the second largest DeFi ecosystem in the world, TRON has proven its position as a leader in the industry, facilitating global commerce and community across the world. Their stablecoin strength alone makes them stand out from all other blockchains, circulating the second most stablecoins among all chains, moving more USDT than Tether’s native blockchain. 

“TRON’s biggest competitive edge does not stem from technology but from the trust of users and the community. In other words, trust is its trump card. Amid the complicated environment, an organization that has big-picture thinking, commitment, and public trust all at once is one in a million. This is what TRON strives to be and why we’re revealing our new mission, vision, and values today,” said Justin Sun.

Wholehearted adoption of its new mission, vision, and values, providing a Metaverse free port as a gateway to financial freedom for the 8 billion+ inhabitants of Earth, is yet another way TRON aims to empower decentralized commerce and community for every person on the planet. 

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