Spotify posted its quarterly report, and the numbers look promising. During the last three months, the streaming platform increased its MAU (monthly active users) by 28 million, surpassing its expectations and reaching 600 million, a new high for the Swedish company.

Revenue for the full 2023 was €3.7 billion (about $4 billion), which is 16% more than 2022. Operating income did slip into the red with a loss of €75 million, but the company boasted that its ad revenues reached an all-time high of €501 million.

Spotify surpasses 600 million active users for the first time

The 602 million active users include 236 million Premium subscribers. The rest are part of the free service that comes with ads and lacks features like no shuffle and downloading music for offline listening. The paying users increased from 205 million in Q4 2022, which is 15%.

The financial report revealed Spotify had sustained yearly growth in all regions, with Latin America excelling.

Spotify surpasses 600 million active users for the first time

According to internal data, 225 million users tuned in for Spotify Wrapped, which is a campaign at the end of the year that provides a personalized summary of every user’s listening habits. All paying customers in the United States are now able to pick from over 200,000 audiobooks with up to 15 hours of access per month.

Expectations for Q1 2024 are for the user base to reach 618 million while paying customers are predicted to increase by 3 million.


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