Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S24 series, launched last month with notable improvements in both hardware and software. It stands out as the first mobile device to integrate Artificial Intelligence as a core feature.

Despite these advancements, users have reported minor camera issues and anticipate a software update to address them. Recently, a Galaxy S24 user expressed dissatisfaction with the camera quality on Samsung’s official forum in Korea.

A user highlighted concerns about blurred textures and decreased picture quality compared to his previous device, Galaxy S20, stressing that the issue extends beyond color problems.

The forum’s camera-related updates moderator acknowledged the concerns, assuring users that Samsung is actively working to enhance the camera based on feedback received through various channels.

The moderator emphasized upcoming software updates aimed at improving color accuracy and three-dimensional effects in the Galaxy S24 series compared to its predecessors.

While the feedback from users on the internet indicates an overall improvement in the Galaxy S24 series over the S23, persisting issues include noise and banding in low-light skies, slight overexposure in daylight, and reduced dynamic range around certain light sources. Users have also reported problems capturing details from specific textures.

While Samsung has not disclosed the release date for the software update addressing these issues, users can anticipate camera-related improvements in the first few updates for the Galaxy S24 series.

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