Samsung has long been rumored to introduce a new tablet family at its next Unpacked event, alongside the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5 and the Galaxy Watch6 family. This event is now likely to take place in late July, and as we get closer to that point more and more details about these devices are being outed.

Today we’re talking about the Galaxy Tab S9+ and the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra – two of the three tablets that should comprise the S9 family (the third being the ‘vanilla’ S9 model). Through a new TUV certification, we now know that there will be three versions of each.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ from 2022
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ from 2022

The Galaxy Tab S9+ will arrive with model numbers SM-X816B, SM-X810, and SM-X816N, while the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra gets SM-X916B, SM-X910, and SM-X916N. For both, the first one is the 5G-capable model, the middle one is the global Wi-Fi only model, and the last one is the one specifically destined for the South Korean market.

The same certification also reveals that the S9+ and S9 Ultra could both ship with a charger that supports 10V/4.5A – or 45W – fast charging. That said, this being Samsung, it’s more likely that the tablets support 45W charging but will ship without any brick in the box. The 45W charging wouldn’t be a surprise at all, since last year’s Galaxy Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra both supported it too.


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