Samsung Galaxy S24 series users have encountered various display issues, with complaints flooding in regarding a grainy texture problem. Many owners have also noted washed-out colors on their displays.

Samsung is reportedly developing a vividness slider to address this issue. However, these problems aren’t limited to color inconsistencies. Reports suggest that the S24 lineup’s super-bright displays suffer from several defects.

The grainy texture on the display is particularly noticeable on dark or gray backgrounds. Reddit users have extensively discussed this issue, with a poll indicating that a majority of S24 and S24+ owners have experienced it.

Some users have even examined their devices under microscopes, revealing uneven subpixel intensity at low brightness levels. While Samsung has replaced units for some customers, others have faced challenges in obtaining replacements.

In addition to the grainy texture, some S24 users have reported seeing three horizontal bars on their displays at low brightness.  There are also complaints about excessive banding when viewing gradient images.

One Reddit user, general_clausewitz, has extensively documented the prevalence of the grainy texture across multiple devices, including personal devices, demo units, and phones belonging to others.

He asserts that the issue seems widespread across devices manufactured until January 31st. Despite attempts to replace their device multiple times, they have encountered the same problem persistently.

Ice Universe, a notable source for Samsung leaks and updates, has shared information about an upcoming update for the Galaxy S24 series, addressing the vividness of the screen. On his post on X (formerly Twitter), he said that this update is expected to include a “Vividness” option, allowing users to adjust color vividness to their preference.

It’s unclear whether these issues stem from hardware or software problems, although speculation on Reddit leans toward software-related concerns. As more reports surface, users await updates from Samsung to address these display concerns, alongside previously reported camera issues.

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