Bullitt Group, the UK-based smartphone maker known for rugged devices, appears to have closed down on January 26. This follows earlier reports of the company’s financial troubles, as noted by The Daily Telegraph.

Bullitt’s employees have confirmed the company’s closure on LinkedIn. One former employee, Tim Shepherd, mentioned his departure due to Bullitt’s inability to proceed with a crucial restructuring.

He indicated that many former colleagues are also looking for new opportunities, hinting at the challenging situation. Previously, Bullitt stated plans to transfer its satellite connectivity business and all 100 employees to a new company owned by creditors.

However, a former employee now claims that the entire workforce has been laid off. The report also noted possible layoffs in customer service, as attempts to contact Bullitt’s U.S. customer service now lead to voicemail.

Bullitt, which manufactured rugged phones for brands like CAT, Land Rover, and Motorola, had recently focused on satellite connectivity, launching services like the Bullitt Satellite Messenger and Motorola Defy Satellite Link gadget.

With Bullitt’s closure, the options for rugged smartphones in the market are expected to shrink, impacting brands like Motorola. Samsung and Nokia remain among the few recognizable mobile brands offering rugged phones, alongside smaller companies like Doogee and Ulefone that specialize in this field.

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