Nothing has made an announcement for an announcement, whereby it announced that it will be announcing the Nothing Phone (2a) on Tuesday, March 5.

Nothing Phone (2a) will be announced on March 5

The launch event is titled Fresh Eyes and the teaser image shows silhouettes for eyes. From the little we know of the device, the shapes in the teaser image align with the rear camera arrangement on the Phone (2a), where the primary and secondary cameras are aligned sideways and closer to the center of the back.

Nothing Phone (2a) hands-on images
Nothing Phone (2a) hands-on images

Nothing Phone (2a) leaked pre-production unit

Codenamed Aerodactyl, the Phone (2a) is expected to be a more budget offering in the company’s lineup. Nothing claims the new model borrows elements from the more expensive Phone (2) while also being a “clear upgrade” over the Phone (1) on “every front”.

The company also recently released its Glyph Developer Kit, which will allow developers to access the Glyph lighting on the back of Nothing smartphones.

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