The Nothing Phone (2) is finally getting official at an event on July 11. The device will ship running Nothing OS 2.0, the company’s new skin on top of Android 13. This will be a pretty big release for the company, as the name implies – it has had around 100 people working on it as the next iteration from Nothing OS 1.5, which is currently installed on the Nothing Phone (1).

Speaking of the Nothing Phone (1), if you have one, you may be wondering when to expect the brand new Nothing OS 2.0 to arrive on your device, and the answer, according to Nothing CEO Carl Pei, is “by the end of August”.

That’s around a month and a half after the launch of the Nothing Phone (2), so it’s not that bad. It’s still unclear what will be new in Nothing OS 2.0, but we’ve heard mumblings that the software team started almost from scratch in designing it, so it sounds pretty intriguing for sure.

Carl Pei stresses that software support is “very important” for his company, and we’re hoping that won’t be forgotten when it comes time to (hopefully quickly) update both of its handsets to the upcoming Android 14 release. With Android 13, Nothing was definitely not among the fastest to deliver its update onto the Nothing Phone (1).

The Nothing Phone (2) has already been officially confirmed to sport the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, a 6.7″ screen, and a 4,700 mAh battery. The device will receive 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of security patches from launch.

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