How to setup Amazon  Echo Pop

Amazon launched its new Echo device in the Indian market. The Echo Pop smart speaker features an all-new semi-sphere design and a custom-designed front-facing speaker, which, as per the company, claims to deliver rich and clear sound output.

Amazon Alexa Pop: Features
Amazon features a new AZ2 Neural Edge processor that enables it to respond faster to requests from Alexa. Echo Pop is the smallest smart speaker currently in Amazon’s Echo lineup. The speaker measures 99 mm x 83 mm x 91 mm. Compared to Echo Dot which measures 100mm x 100mm x 89 mm, Echo Pop is smaller by a decent margin.

Amazon Echo Pop: Price and availability
Amazon Echo Pop is priced at Rs 4,999 and is the cheapest among all the latest generation Echo devices available so far. The Echo Pop comes in White, Black, Green and Purple colours.

Download or update the Alexa app
Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker
Stable internet connection

To set Amazon Echo Pop, follow these steps:


Plug in Amazon Echo Dot speaker.


Open the Alexa app on your mobile.


Select More and select Add a Device.


Select Amazon Echo, and then Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Pop and more.


That’s it. You have successfully connected your Amazon Echo Pop device.

The newly-launched Echo Pop from Amazon supports music streaming apps like Amazon Prime Music, its native app, Hungama, Spotify, JioSaavan, Apple Music and others. Users can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker and can connect it to their smartphone. their favourite music. By connecting Echo Pop via Bluetooth to the phone, customers can also stream their favourite music.


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