HTech is set to launch its latest smartphone, the HONOR X9b, this month, promising a new standard of durability and reliability.

The device boasts an Ultra-Bounce 360° Anti-Drop Resistance, featuring cutting-edge cushioning technology and achieving a Five-Star Overall Drop Resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS.

Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display with 360° Drop Resistance

The HONOR X9b comes with Ultra-Bounce Anti-drop Display, providing exceptional durability. Its innovative shock-absorbing structure offers impressive resistance to drops up to 1.5 meters, ensuring 360° protection on all six faces and four corners, even on hard surfaces.

The phone’s three-layer protective structure utilizes a low-modulus cushioning material with micron-level gaps, absorbing impacts up to 1.2 times.

The phone also introduces Ultra-Bounce Technology for drop and splash resistance, validated by a 15-second submersion test and IP53 water and dust resistance certification.

Ultra-Clear Display

With a 6.78-inch display boasting a 120Hz panel and 1.5K resolution (429PPI), the HONOR X9b delivers smooth, sharp visuals with intricate detail.

The dynamic refresh rate adapts to user activities, accelerating to 120Hz for gaming and adjusting to a slower pace for activities like reading, optimizing battery life.

HONOR X9b 5G Eye Comfort Features

1920 Hz PWM Dimming Technology

The phone has 1920Hz PWM Dimming technology and hardware-level low blue light, eliminating any risk to the eyes. This ensures a flickering frequency between 1250Hz and 3125Hz, reducing the risk of eye discomfort and fatigue.

Dynamic Dimming

Using dynamic light resembling natural light rhythm, Dynamic Dimming alleviates eye fatigue by stimulating ciliary muscle movement. The display’s brightness adjusts imperceptibly based on screentime and external lighting conditions, optimizing comfort.

Circadian Night Display

Equipped with Circadian Night Display technology, HONOR X9b filters out harmful blue light during nighttime usage. This feature supports a healthier sleep cycle, with lab tests indicating a 20% increase in melatonin levels for better sleep quality.

HONOR X9b launching in India on February 15 and will be sold on

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