Xiaomi's warranty warning: Avoid these screen protectors for your mobile phone

Xiaomi, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, has recently raised concerns about the potential risks associated with screen protectors on mobile devices. Redmi India, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, took to their social media platform to enlighten users about the adverse effects these protectors could have on their smartphone screens.

The Dangers of Screen Protectors

Despite the scratch-resistant glass found on modern smartphones, they remain susceptible to damage from hard objects like sand, keys, or coins. To safeguard against such threats, many users opt for screen protectors to provide an additional layer of defence. Liquid UV adhesive protectors, in particular, are favoured for curved phones due to their strong bonding capabilities between the screen and glass layer. However, it is precisely these protectors that Xiaomi is cautioning against.

Xiaomi’s Message to Users

Xiaomi’s message emphasises the potential drawbacks of liquid UV adhesive protectors, warning users that their usage could compromise the device’s functionality and even void its warranty. The liquid adhesive utilised in these protectors has the propensity to seep into various components of the phone, including physical keys, the charging port, speaker holes, and battery cover. This infiltration can lead to a myriad of issues such as unexpected restarts, button malfunctions, speaker disturbances, and detachment of the battery cover’s leather.

Here is Xiaomi’s post on X:

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Opting for Safer Alternatives

For the best user experience, Xiaomi highly recommends avoiding liquid UV adhesive protectors and instead encourages users to consider safer options like tempered glass, non-tempered, or electrostatic films. Unlike their liquid counterparts, these alternatives do not require the application of UV-based glue or adhesive, thus mitigating the risk of compromising device performance.

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ Users Offer

In a bid to support their users, Xiaomi is extending a complimentary screen protector and installation service exclusively for Redmi Note 13 Pro+ users, further reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction and device integrity.


Xiaomi’s proactive approach in warning users about the potential hazards of certain screen protectors underscores their dedication to ensuring user satisfaction and device longevity. As no other smartphone brand has issued a similar advisory, Xiaomi’s initiative serves as a valuable reminder for users to exercise caution when selecting screen protection options for their devices.

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