Apple is now working on the iPhone 16 series which is going to be launched in the second half of 2024. As the development progresses, more and more features are being leaked into the public arena by tipsters and analysts. This time, it is all about the new Capture Button. With the iPhone 15, Apple introduced the new Action Button, and now with iPhone 16 models, it is rumored to reveal a Capture Button with some amazing camera functionalities. Know what the recent leak revealed about the iPhone 16 Capture Button.

iPhone 16 camera features

The presence of a Capture Button in the iPhone 16 model was rumored earlier too, however, its functionalities were unknown. Later Apple analyst Mark Gurman revealed that the Capture Button would be used for recording videos. Then more information about the new iPhone 16 button was leaked indicating the ramping up of its zooming and focusing capabilities. Now, according to a Weibo leak by Instant Digital (via Macrumors), the iPhone 16 Capture Button will have some professional camera functionalities such as capturing images and videos with the ability for users to adjust focus with a light press.

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The reports said that these features can be seen in DSLR or mirrorless cameras which use the shutter button to lock in focus and full press to capture the scene. It was also revealed that the new capture button highlights Apple’s initiatives towards the iPhone’s focus on photography. However, these all are rumored functionalities of the iPhone 16 camera button and it does not provide any credibility till Apple announces the button and its feature.

Earlier an iPhone 16 prototype was leaked which showcased the placement of the Capture Button. Based on the leaked images, it is anticipated that the iPhone 16 Capture Button will be placed on the bottom right of the device.

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