Apple enthusiasts are abuzz with anticipation as rumours swirl about the imminent release of a new iPad Air model, possibly even two. Since its last update in March 2022, the tech world has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 6th generation iPad Air. Although the most recent Apple event in October 2023 did not unveil any new iPads, speculation points towards an early 2024 launch. Here are four exciting developments to expect from the upcoming iPad Air lineup (via 9to5Mac).

1. Revamped Form Factor:

Building upon the sleek design introduced in 2020, Apple plans to expand the iPad Air’s design repertoire with a new form factor. Reports suggest the introduction of a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air model alongside the existing 10.9-inch version, mirroring the iPad Pro lineup’s dual-size offering. This expansion promises a broader canvas for users, maintaining the signature flat-edged design aesthetic.

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2. Enhanced Camera Configuration:

Leaked schematics from Apple’s supply chain indicate a redesign of the iPad Air’s camera bump. Departing from the current single circular cutout, the new models are poised to adopt a vertically oriented camera bump reminiscent of past iPhone designs. This redesign not only accommodates a camera flash but also hints at potential enhancements in camera functionality, although specifics remain undisclosed.

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3. Exclusivity of Magic Keyboard:

While rumours abound regarding a new Magic Keyboard tailored for the iPad Pro, the iPad Air is unlikely to receive this update. Earlier reports from Bloomberg suggest that the revamped Magic Keyboard will remain exclusive to the iPad Pro lineup, leaving the iPad Air to rely on its current iteration. This strategic move serves to distinguish the iPad Pro as the premium option, enticing users with enhanced accessories.

4. Landscape Front-Facing Camera:

In a long-awaited design modification, Apple is expected to relocate the front-facing FaceTime camera from the top bezel to the landscape side. This adjustment, previously seen in the iPad 10, ensures proper alignment of the camera when the iPad Air is held horizontally or used with accessories like the Magic Keyboard. Such a change enhances user experience, particularly during video calls and content creation.

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As anticipation mounts for the forthcoming iPad Air models, these rumoured updates offer a glimpse into the potential evolution of Apple’s beloved tablet series. Stay tuned for further announcements as the launch date draws near.

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