Ant Cloud has introduced a new Hybrid Cloud Gaming and Cloud PC Service in India. Now, you can play any AAA game on any device, anytime. But it’s more than just gaming; with PC Mode, you can smoothly handle work tasks using a full Windows gaming PC on the cloud.

Ant Cloud ensures a smooth gaming and computing experience across various devices, including phones, tablets, older computers, and select Samsung Smart TVs. Its emphasis on flexibility and affordability means users only pay for what they use, making the technology accessible to all.

Features of Ant Cloud’s Cloud Gaming Service:
  • Enjoy AAA games effortlessly on any compatible device.
  • Utilize productivity tools for work and editing tasks.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Model for flexible payments.
  • Access a vast game library with various genres and titles.
  • Access to a dedicated high-power gaming PC.

Ant Cloud views this launch as a significant advancement for gamers and businesses seeking budget-friendly PC solutions. With its user-friendly interface and strong infrastructure, Ant Cloud promises unparalleled gaming and PC experiences for its users.


Ant Cloud’s Cloud Gaming Service offers different plans:

  • Premium Plan: Rs. 599 for 25 hours of playtime, up to 1080p resolution, for all devices, valid for 30 days.
  • Ultimate Plan: Rs. 899 for 50 hours of playtime, up to 4K resolution, for all devices, valid for 30 days.
  • TopUp Plan: Add an extra hour for Rs. 40, with playtime and resolution depending on your base plan. Validity depends on your monthly plan; only available if you’re already on a monthly plan.

Visit the official website for more information.

Commenting on the launch, Himanshu Jain, CEO of Ant Cloud, said,

Ant Cloud marks a significant stride in the realm of gaming and PC services. Through offering an accessible and adaptable platform, we empower users to unleash the complete potential of gaming and PC usage, unrestricted by hardware capabilities or geographical boundaries.

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