Bharti Airtel announced on Thursday that it experienced a remarkable 108% growth in the subscription of international roaming packs compared to the previous year at Delhi Airport. This surge indicates a substantial rise in the number of Indians travelling overseas.

The telecom company said that more people are subscribing to their services because they now offer more affordable roaming packs. These packs start at ₹133 per day, making them a better choice than buying local SIM cards when travelling to other countries.

“Our industry-leading roaming plans are very affordable and will ensure that our customers can stay connected all the time, wherever they are, without the hassle of changing their SIM cards or numbers. ,” said Nidhi Lauria, CEO of the Delhi Circle at Bharti Airtel.

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Airtel’s subscription numbers have increased significantly since the introduction of affordable roaming packs available for prepaid and postpaid users. Among travellers from Delhi, the 10-day validity packs are the most popular option. The United States and the United Kingdom are still the top destinations. Still, there has also been an increase in traffic to destinations in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland on Airtel’s network.

Bharti Airtel has set up an international roaming kiosk in the duty-free area of the departure terminal at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. This is to meet the increasing demand and provide last-minute assistance to travellers. The goal is to ensure seamless connectivity and convenient support throughout the journey, providing a connected experience.

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