If you’ve been suffering from multiple battery and heating issues on your iPhone after installing iOS 16.5, then know that you’re not alone. Soon after installing the update, several users complained about the extreme battery drain problem on their iPhones. Despite not hampering any of the apps on the iPhone, it seems like battery life has taken a significant dip since the iOS 16.5 update. Several users on Apple Community Forums have complained about getting poor battery life on not only the older iPhone models but on the newest flagships as well. Looking at what happened in the past, there have been cases reported where a new iOS update significantly slows down iPhones, especially older models, or causes heating issues.

To fix this, Apple is gearing up to release the iOS 16.5.1 patch, and it could be one of the last iOS 16 updates we get before the rollout of iOS 17.

iOS 16.5 issues

One user wrote on Apple Support Forum, “16.5 drastically drains the battery EXTREMELY BAD. I facetime with my grand daughters ever night and make sure my 14 pro max is charged to at least 80%. Today it was full charged and we talked to 1 hour battery was at 18 percent from 100%.”

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Apart from battery drainage, charging and heating-up issues have also been plaguing iPhones since the update. We have witnessed this issue on our own iPhone 14 too, with the battery life taking a major plunge since the update. Moreover, Delhi’s rising heat levels during the summer have caused major heating issues on the iPhone 14, which affects the battery life too.

There have been several instances where the phone has stopped charging suddenly and a notification pops up which says, “Charging On Hold. Charging will resume when iPhone returns to normal temperature.”

History of issues

Battery and heating-up issues have been common on iPhones especially since iOS 16 was released, and despite Apple releasing multiple patches with various fixes, the problems still persist. As the iOS 17 reveal looms, we hope that Apple fixes this issue urgently as battery life is one of the most important aspects of any smartphone.

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