Right to repair: Microsoft is making it easier than ever for DIYers to repair Surface devices on their own using genuine components. The Redmond tech giant now offers a selection of replacement parts through the Microsoft Store in the US, Canada, and France, which are also available to commercial resellers in all Surface markets through existing channels.

Microsoft said the repair parts are designed for technically inclined consumers for out-of-warranty self repair. Those seeking assistance with troubleshooting are encouraged to check out Microsoft’s service guides. DIYers can also pick up any applicable tools from iFixit. If you recall, Microsoft struck up a partnership with the DIY specialists at iFixit back in 2021 as a first step in the at-home repair process.

When buying a replacement part, Microsoft said you will receive the component as well as any relevant accessories like screws.

Offerings range from basic bits that wear out over time like rubber feet, kickstands, and batteries to more technical components including camera and Wi-Fi modules, thermal modules, and replacement screens. A complete list of available components can be found over on the Microsoft Store.

Pricing is a little on the high side for certain parts, which sort of negates most of the benfits of self-repair programs. Is it just me, or is $56.99 for a replacement kickstand for a Surface Pro 9 and $22.99 for a set of four rubber feet kind of steep? Other items like a replacement SSD door for a Surface Pro 8 for $14.99 or $62.99 for a new SSD for a Surface Pro X seem more reasonable. Either way, it’s a good thing that addition repair options now exist.

The right to repair movement has been gaining momentum as of late. Late last year, New York became the first state to sign right to repair legislation. Minnesota joined the fray earlier this year, and Colorado recently became the first state to pass similar repair laws for farmers to work on their own equipment.

Image credit: Bram Van Oost

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