The seventh chapter sees our lovable (or monstrous, depending on how you built your avatar) protagonist sign up for the Novice League Prelims. But this chapter of Street Fighter 6‘s World Tour mode isn’t just a tournament fight. No, it is so much more than that. You will unlock another third of Metro City to explore, you will track down a fast food mascot, and you’ll fight your way through the Metro City subway.

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Unsurprisingly, you will also encounter a number of SiRN chests, and have a number of opportunities to engage in side activities and acquire new pieces of equipment from the avatars milling about. There’s a lot to cover here, and we’re going to do our best to point you in the direction of all the choice stuff.


7-1 Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Talk to brock to enter the subway

First thing first, you’re going to want to head to Beat Square and talk to Brock. Hand him your pass, and he will let you into the subway. Once you head down the stairs, Alfred will pull you aside. He’ll tell you to head back his way and see him once you are finished with the subway (this is the first part of the Cammy quest, but we’ll have to put a pin in it for now).

There is also a SiRN chest beside Alfred, but you may not see it due to the camera angle (tricky). So, make sure to open it and grab the Energy Drink M.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, SiRN Chest hidden in the subway

Once you get to the subway platform you will see a bunch of people who you can fight. However, none of them have anything particularly interesting on them. Before you get on the train, run to the opposite side of the platform, there is another SiRN chest hidden back here that contains a Punch Booster.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Fighting on the subway

Get on the train, and you will have to either survive until the timer runs out or clear out all the gang members riding the train. We’re going to clean this train up. A number of these gang members have equipment on them. Many of the Salesmen will have either the “Business Serious” shirts or the “Necktie Eye Mask” on them. On the Mad Gear gang members, you can find the Aviator Jacket.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Udon Restaurant

Once you arrive, you will be able to wander around the section of Metro City that has been, up to this point, blocked off. There is a nearby shop with some choice apparel, as well as a new restaurant that doubles as an item shop. If you are looking for apparel, there are TONS of people who have the Sumo Belt equipment in and around the restaurant.

Head to the stadium, and talk to Cathy. This will sign you up for the tournament, complete the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium mission, as well as get you 7500 Zenny and an Energy Drink S.

7-2 Novice League Prelims

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Wyatt your first challenger

Now, just head over to the Udon restaurant and you will see Wyatt hanging out in front. He is your first opponent. Wyatt doesn’t offer must of a challenge all his attacks are slow and heavily telegraphed. Just make sure you hit him with an assortment of punches and kicks to get the bonus items from him.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Lisa your second challenger

After beating Wyatt, head to the part. Just up the concrete steps, you will find Lisa. She is your next opponent. Lisa has a relatively fast roundhouse kick and a lunging punch. These moves are certainly better than Wyatt’s, but her stubby limbs mean that she still isn’t that much of a threat.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, SiRN Chest overlooking park

After you beat Lisa, you should go locate some of the nearby SiRN chests. Travel up the stairs to the next level of the concrete structure, and look for an opening that overlooks the park. Drop down to the ledge below and you will find a SiRN chest with an Energy Drink L inside.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, SiRN Chest hidden in the back of the park structure

Hop down the backside of the structure, and look for a staggered series of slabs (look at the picture above for further clarity). Use your Rising Uppercut Master Action to climb up. Then, cross the gaps using the Spinning Bird Kick to cross the gaps. Eventually, you will come across a SiRN chest containing a Block Buster. Now, run around the perimeter of the park. You will find another SiRN chest in one of the corners.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Hitting Ernest with a fireball

Use fast travel to head back to your HQ and change the time of day to night. Then, go straight back to the park and fight Ernest. Ernest uses Luke’s moveset. He is a big fan of rushing you down with knees. However, you can just keep chucking fireballs at him and he will keep running into them. So, he isn’t particularly tough either. Once you beat Ernest, you will complete the Novice League Prelims mission. You will be rewarded with 2000 Miles and five Rampart Caramels.

7-3 Main Tournament Registration

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Register for the tournament

Head back to your HQ, shift the time to day, then go straight back to the stadium. Now, before you head inside, you will see that there are tents erected on both sides of the stadium. You will want to get behind these tents (on both sides) as there are two SiRN chests hidden behind them. One of them holds a Stamina Booster, and the other has a Bronze Nugget.

Head inside the stadium and talk to Cathy again. You will need to kill a little time. Thankfully, Li-Fen has a task for you…

7-4 Shot Across The Bao

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Li-Fen doing her thing on her laptop

Head to Chinatown and talk to Li-Fen. This will clear the Shot Across the Bao mission and earn you 1000 Miles. Yes really. That is the end of the Mission. Now, she will tell you to track down Bao Bao Bro. From here, you just need to follow the markers…

7-5 Bao Bao Boogie

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Fighting Bao Bao Bro

The first marker will be in the heart of the Mad Gear gang territory. Then to the park near the Hadou Pizza stand (by the water). From there, you will head northeast to a cafe, and then go to the nearby parking structure. Here you will finally catch up to Bao Bao Bro!

Bao Bao Bro uses Jamie’s moveset. However, he mainly just jabs a lot while throwing out Jamie’s anti-air kick attack. Look to punish the kick. Once you finish him off, head back to Li-Fen, give her the annual pass, and you will complete the Bao Bao Boogie Mission. You’ll get 7500 Zenny and the Jiangshi Cap as a reward.

7-6 Novice League Tournament

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Fighting Allan

This chapter is all about the tournament. You will need to beat three opponents, and they are all substantially stronger than the previous batch. Allan is a huge step up in difficulty from the preliminary fights. He fights using Ryu’s style, and he is quite a bit bigger than Ryu, so his moves are even scarier. However, he uses the Hurricane Kick too much, so if you just block that you will have plenty of opportunities to punish. Being too aggressive will be your downfall. Take advantage of his aggression.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Blocking Veronica's attack

Similarly, your next opponent, Veronica, uses Cammy’s move set and is WAY too trigger-happy with her Canon Drills. Block those Canon Drills and you will have ample opportunity to punish her. Finally, you will move on to the main fight: Rawancha.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Rewancha charging up his punch

Rewancha plays like a modified version of Marisa. He has many of the same moves, but all his specials work a little differently. As an example, he has something similar to her Gladius punch, but it has substantially more range, and it has more hits of armor. That being said, it also has a substantially longer startup time, so you will be able to react to it. He also has a version of Marisa’s Quadriga kick, but it isn’t as rangy. Though it does seem a little faster.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Beating Rewancha

Just block these giant, telegraphed attacks and then hit Rewancha with a punish combo. When he is charging his punch you can also get some distance and then prepare to hit him with a super. After you beat Rewancha, you will complete the Novice League Tournament Mission and be rewarded with 5000 Miles and five Super Tough Jawbusters.

Notable Avatars

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Crowd gathering at the stadium

So, there are a ton of notable Avatars milling about in this chapter, probably too many to list here. However, outside of opponents tethered to specific Side Missions, there aren’t a ton of specific avatars stocked with noteworthy items. However, there is a lot of equipment that randomly spawns on a number of citizens in each area.

For starters, the Sumo Belt is located on the majority of citizens in the Udon Restaurant. There are also a number of avatars who are carrying short shorts in the park. The salesmen on the Metro City subway carry the Necktie Mask as well as the Business Serious shirt. Needless to say, if you are looking to fight for some equipment there is plenty on offer.


Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Smacking Wyatt

  • Location: In front of the Udon Restaurant
  • Level: 12

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

500 Zenny

Defeat without using continues

500 Miles

Hit with 5 punches

1000 Miles

Hit with 12 kicks


Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Punching Lisa in the gut

  • Location: Metro City Park in the day
  • Level: 14

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

500 Zenny

Defeat without using continues

Tough Jawbreaker

Hit with a 7-hit combo

1200 Zenny

Perform a combo that deals more than 2000 damage


Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Ernest

  • Location: Metro City Park at night
  • Level: 15

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

600 Zenny

Defeat without using continues

800 Miles

Defeat without using items

Ironbar Caramels

Hit with 10 “unique attacks” (projectile attacks)

Bao Bao Bro

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Bao Bao Bro

  • Location: In front of the Metro City parking structure (later, he will located in Chinatown)
  • Level: 16

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

777 EXP

Defeat with 77% or more vitality

Energy Drink M

Hit with a launching attack and perform a juggle combo

Tough Jawbreaker

Hit with 5 aerial attacks


Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 7, Rewancha

  • Location: In the Metro City Stadium during the main mission
  • Level: 20

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

Street Fibre (Shoes)

Defeat with an Overdrive

Yellow Dye

Hit with 8 “unique attacks” (projectile attacks)

Energy Drink M

Hit with 3 Overdrive Arts

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