The avalanche of websites offering AI services and functions might have you a bit dizzy. From writing articles to processes that can generate one-of-a-kind images from prompts, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of AI sites offering the same tools.

However, there’s one website with AI tools that seems to get overlooked. That site is BoredHumans. If you’re a fan of testing and playing with AI functions and features, you might consider visiting the page.


What Is BoredHumans?

BoredHumans website with list of AI tools

BoredHumans is a website that offers a wide variety of free AI tools for anyone feeling a bit bored. Some examples include virtual pets, tarot card readings, deepfake videos, and a quote generator. While most of the AI functions are meant for entertainment, some are truly impressive and can be quite useful.

Once you’re done getting a good laugh from the meme generator and seeing what you’d look like when you’re older with the age progression tool, you can check out some of the best tools on the site. This includes a fake person generator, a super resolution tool, an interior design tool, and many more.

Person's face with button for generating more faces below

The Fake Person Generator is BoredHumans’ iteration of a fake face generator. It was trained with a database of 70,000 images of real people. It’s perfect for practicing Photoshop techniques and sharing the results without using a real person as an example.

After giving it a try, it’s safe to say it does a great job of creating realistic images of people that don’t exist. It’s also very fast and rarely has any errors. Unfortunately, the image resolution is a bit low, but you can fix that with the super resolution tool on the website.

Woman smiling at camera with super resolution applied on right side

Super Resolution is one of the best AI tools on BoredHumans. It does an excellent job of enhancing images and increasing their resolution. It’s worth noting, though, that some errors or defects might occur, and they’re especially common when it comes to fixing human faces.

This particular tool is surprisingly useful and doesn’t have a daily use limit.

BoredHumans Bedroom Final

BoredHuman’s Interior Design AI tool can transform pictures of indoor spaces of all types. It’s quite impressive, and can apply almost any kind of change you’d like to a room. I used it on a bedroom with a large window and transformed the bed, lamp, window, and flooring to my liking.

The tool is useful for getting a general idea of what certain changes might look like before implementing them.

Video player with woman talking in frame

With the face animation tool, you can upload a photo of any face and the AI will output a short video of the person speaking. These videos are typically short, and tend to last around six seconds. It’s quirky, but can sometimes produce unsettling results.

AI image generator user interface

BoredHumans also offers an AI art generator. Unlike some other websites, it offers multiple generator formats. These include Midjourney, Anything-V4, Night Diffusion, Stable Diffucion, and Pokémon Generator.

It works relatively well, but some prompts bring up errors. It’s worth keeping in mind, as with similar services, you have to separate different parts of your prompts with commas.

Image background removal file and upload buttons

There are plenty of ways to remove the background from an image. However, BoredHumans’ free image background removal tool is very impressive. I was pretty shocked at how accurate it is, even with cluttered and noisy photos.

Keep in mind, it typically will prioritize whatever object is at the center of an image if there’s a lot going on. Otherwise, it accurately detects the focus of a picture, and removes the background well.

Fortune cookies in a bowl held out by a person

The fortune cookies free AI tool is more for entertainment than anything else. However, it’s interesting to see how an AI that’s been fed a vast number of fortunes tries to come up with some of its own. You’ll likely crack a smile at a few.

Some of the fortunes it generated include:

  • The dreamer will give you the gift.
  • You are a capable thinker.
  • Keep your head clear of your surroundings. Look outside both times and keep away.
  • The path of the righteous is one without pain.

BoredHumans Is Full of Hidden Gems

BoredHumans offers over 100 unique, entertaining, and often useful AI-powered tools. While some are more centered around entertainment, others manage to compete with more well-known alternatives for very sought-after functions.

But if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the BoredHumans website, there are many alternatives. You might consider browsing a few online directories for other AI tools.

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