Thanks to the need for new content, live streaming has grown into a huge industry filled with thousands of streamers and millions of viewers. Because of this, now there are many more live streaming platforms you can watch at a moment’s notice.

But with so many options available, which ones should you try? Here, we’ll show you the best streaming platforms you can watch online.


Twitch home page

Twitch is the Amazon-backed mega live streaming phenomenon. Millions of people tune in daily to watch their favorite creators make memorable moments live. It started as a platform for passionate gamers to share their experiences with an audience and has grown into much more.

But what makes Twitch so endearing, and what can you expect from an average viewing experience? Well, Twitch is a very community-centric platform. Creators amass a following and commune with those watching them via Twitch chat.

Twitch was once described as the wild west of live streaming, where anything goes. While it has toned down, you can still expect outlandish displays on-screen and in the chat.

One tip for a better viewing experience on Twitch is to follow creators you are interested in. You can interact with creators by sending a message, leaving a tip, or using an emote.

Twitch has become a cultural phenomenon with its language, rules, and traditions. Consequently, figuring out how to hold your own on the platform is exciting yet tricky at the same time.

Yotube's Home Page

YouTube started in 2005 and is one of the best video-sharing websites for visual guides. However, YouTube has made a noticeable effort to improve its lives treaming experience. YouTube recognized the potential in the market and is determined to make the platform an option.

Compared to Twitch, the YouTube chat is significantly less delayed. This means beloved content creators get to see your messages as soon as you send them. There’s also a members feature that allows viewers better support their favorite content creators.

YouTube streams also have a live replayability feature that lets you watch a few moments back like a regular video. You can always go back to streaming live after catching up on what you missed. What’s more, you can express yourself in the chat with super stickers and make your messages more noticeable with super texts.

Kick's home page

Twitch has had a pseudo-monopoly on the live streaming market for a long time. Amazon took over the management of the platform and added many great features. However, many would argue that Twitch’s censorship has gone too far. Creators get banned almost every single day, sometimes for simple misunderstandings.

Kick is a platform created to compete directly with Twitch. Both platforms have a similar layout and common categories. While Kick still can’t compete with Twitch regarding viewership, some creators prefer this platform for many reasons.

Mainly, Kick’s terms of service aren’t aggressive, and there is better creator freedom. This means you can watch your favorite creators be themselves. The ad revenue split is also a lot better. Kick’s split is 95% to the creator instead of 50% on Twitch. So you can be confident that your favorite creator is getting your full support.

However, one downside of watching on Kick is its ties to an online casino. As such, much of this platform’s viewership is usually tied up on gambling streams.

It’s common to see ads for and other online gambling sites while perusing Kick. As such, it may not be the best platform for underaged kids.

Tik Tok's livestreaming page

TikTok is known for its funny, informative, and engaging brief short-form videos. However, the platform also has a live streaming feature similar to what is available on Instagram. Creators can go live from their phones and even engineer a similar experience from their computers.

Sadly, live streams are not categorized, so you have no idea what you are getting into until you join the stream. In any case, there is an explore page dedicated to live feeds.

You can find anything from gamers on the grind to your average Joe interacting with viewers. In addition, you can support your favorite creators by gifting stickers with TikTok coins. Note that it’s cheaper to buy TikTok coins on your PC.

Interactability is limited to chatting and emojis. It’s also worth noting that the portrait viewing experience can be disorientating to view on a wider screen.

Ultimately, TikTok Live can be enjoyable, but the live streaming department has much room for growth.

Facebook Gaming's home page

Facebook Gaming is a solid alternative in terms of overall viewer experience. It started as an extension of the popular social media platform but has grown into its own.

Facebook Gaming provides popular methods of interacting with your favorite content creators. You can emote in chat and send messages that follow the Facebook community guidelines. In addition, the platform also allows you further support your favorite live streaming personalities by subscribing to their pages.

The platform also has a point system known as Stars. You can send creators Stars you pay for with real money to show your support. Facebook Gaming has an excellent viewer experience; it operates in the same Facebook app and offers varying-quality landscape live streams. Plus, viewership on Facebook Gaming is encouraging, and it helps to see that you aren’t alone in your favorite creator’s chat section.

Instagram Live on a PC

Instagram is the more popular form of live community interaction in mainstream media. Celebrities occasionally go live on their Instagram pages to give their fans a sneak peek into their daily lives.

Instagram Live offers a unique viewer experience. It is designed with phones in mind, and the user interface can sometimes seem chaotic. However, the platform allows creators to invite their viewers to live sessions. This style of live streaming is excellent for talk shows and interactive content.

Celebrities aren’t the only active creators on the platform. Users with hundreds to thousands of followers can decide to go live on a whim. You see, Instagram Live is a great way to share moments with others as they happen. So, content may vary from getting ready with the creators to question and answer sessions and backstage scenery at events.

All in all, you’re bound to have a unique experience regardless of where you end up on Instagram Live.

Find the Best Platform for You

Nowadays, finding new content and streamers to watch is extremely easy. Whether you want to watch the most popular streamers on Twitch or you want to discover your next favorite content creator on Kick, you can use all of these platforms to find the best content to watch.

Ultimately, the platform you choose will depend on the content you want to use and the device you use to watch it. However, you don’t need to stick to one platform. Since all of these websites are free to use, you can use all of them however you want.

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