Coloring is not just an activity that kids enjoy; it’s also something adults can do with plenty of surprising health benefits. Stress relief, improved sleep, and enhanced brain function are a handful of the therapeutic reasons why you should start coloring as soon as possible.

These days, it’s not necessary to go out and buy an actual coloring book. Instead, you can simply use these free coloring websites to color online or download various coloring pages.


Download and Color Online With These Sites

While you can use an adult coloring book app to color, these websites feature online tools so that you can color the image online. Additionally, you can download or print the coloring pages for free.

1. Paint the World Super Coloring

Paint the World Super Coloring adult coloring site

Paint the World Super Coloring boasts more than 80,000 colorings, dot to dots, tutorials, and silhouettes. This coloring page, which is specifically for adults, gives you an extensive number of categories to choose from.

A few of the categories include Sugar Skulls, Mandalas, Cars, Anime & Manga, and even advanced color by numbers. If you want to upgrade your creative skills, you can get plenty of paint-by-number apps on Android.

An interesting category to check out is the famous fine art and artwork coloring pages from popular artists like Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh, and Salvador Dali. Once you’ve picked what you want to color, you can print it, save it as a PDF, or color it online.

2. Coloring Online

Coloring Online adult coloring site

Coloring Online allows you to select a coloring page from a range of beautiful drawings for adults. The selection includes different designs of mandalas, animals, and nature. Additionally, there are a couple of coloring pages that kids can enjoy too.

The coloring pages under the Animals category are incredibly intricate and beautiful, so feel free to browse through and find one you love. Once your masterpiece is complete, save it or share it on social media for your friends and family to see.

3. Hello Kids

hello kids adult coloring site

Hello Kids is a great website to find kids’ activities like coloring pages and crafts, but did you know that you as an adult can use it to color too? Fortunately, the website features an advanced coloring page for adults.

The page doesn’t have plenty of worksheets to choose from, and all of them are mandalas, but it’s still a fun website to do some online coloring. Additionally, Hello Kids has a free children’s coloring app that you can download for your little one to use on an iPhone or iPad.

4. HiColoring

Hicoloring adult coloring site

HiColoring is a site that encourages you to switch off completely and use its coloring pages to distract yourself from any stress in your life. There are many delightful online coloring pages, all of which you can filter by most voted, viewed, discussed, or recent additions.

To use this website to color online, select a color and click on an area in the picture. The coloring tool then neatly fills in the sections to create a beautiful piece of art. Afterward, you can download your creation or clear it and start something new.

5. Coloring Pages Only

Coloring Pages Only adult coloring site

Coloring Pages Only has a vast collection of coloring options for adults and kids. This website is particularly distinctive because of its unique coloring collections covering things like WWE, Dr. Seuss, and Call of Duty.

However, if you’re a movie and TV buff, you can even color in your favorite on-screen characters from Stranger Things, Lord of the Rings, and Avatar. Coloring Pages Online also lets you download, print, share, or color your chosen picture online.

6. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture online coloring book

Google’s unique online coloring tool offers a fun way to color in famous paintings and pictures the way you want to! Besides coloring in famous artwork, Google’s Art Coloring book also offers a range of well-known landmarks from Street View that you can color in.

All you have to do is pick your favorite artwork from the collection and get started, whether you want to redo Roses by Vincent van Gogh or makeover The Liberty Statue. In addition, you can even tap the Learn More button for details about the image itself.

Download-Only Websites for Coloring

These websites do not give you the option to color in your chosen image online. However, they do offer free downloadable and printable coloring pages.

7. Best Coloring Pages For Kids and Adults

Best Coloring Pages For Kids and Adults adult coloring site

The best part of Best Coloring Pages For Kids and Adults are the countless pages of options to choose from. However, if you’re new to the world of coloring, stick to the easy coloring page that helps beginners quickly get the hang of the art.

For those who love animals, the site offers several different images, whether you’re fond of horses, dogs, elephants, cats, etc. Use your imagination and go wild, and don’t forget that all the images are free to download and print.

8. Just Color

just color adult coloring site

Just Color is an amazing website with over 1500 coloring pages that are free to use, download, or print. The pages are neatly categorized by themes, popularity, styles, and featured artists. If you want to use coloring to de-stress, the mandala and art therapy gallery is full of original designs, from dream catchers to zentangle patterns and doodle art.

The images on this website are gorgeous because they’re created by talented partner artists. These partner artists regularly upload new and authentic coloring pages for you to enjoy.

9. Coloring Bliss

Coloring Bliss adult coloring site

If you’re looking for a website with loads of inspirational hand-drawn artwork, you need to visit Coloring Bliss. Unlike all the previously mentioned sites, you have to become a member to gain access, and after that, you receive a 30-day free trial of free downloads.

Each day you’re a member, a new coloring page becomes available, and each one is an original piece of art created by artist Jennifer Stay. To unlock hundreds of coloring pages, you have the option to sign up and pay a monthly or yearly fee.

10. Art is Fun

Art is Fun adult coloring site

The Art is Fun website, created by artist Thaneeya McArdle, is full of fun and quirky designs. Here, you will find several free coloring pages taken from her range of coloring e-books that you can click on and download or print.

There are plenty of hand-drawn illustrations, including a whimsical owl mandala, a hippie camel, and a special heart, perfect for sending to a loved one when you’re done coloring it in. Take a look at the free abstract patterns images if you enjoy coloring a design that requires more patience and detail.

11. Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell adult coloring site

Faber-Castell is well known for being one of the best manufacturers of products made for writing, drawing, crafting, painting, calligraphy, and anything creative. Because their products go hand-in-hand with coloring, their website features a fantastic coloring page for adults.

This website has it all, whether you’re looking for mandalas, Creative Haven sample pages, holiday-themed images, or coloring pages that you and your kids can enjoy together. All you have to do is click on the picture of your choice, and from there, you can download or print it for free!

12. Crayola

Crayola adult coloring pages

With a large variety of coloring categories to choose from, you’re sure to find something to color in that interests you on Crayola’s online coloring pages. Places, plants and animals, and Disney characters are just a handful of categories as well as, of course, the adult coloring category.

Included in the adult coloring category are beautiful designs portraying things like pets, sugar skulls, mandalas, and flowers. Once you’re done browsing, and you’ve found a coloring page that you like you can either download and save it or print it out for coloring.

Adult Coloring Is an Entertaining and Therapeutic Activity

Over the past few years, adult coloring has become a massive trend. Not only has it gained popularity because it’s plain old fun, but because it has many emotional and mental benefits.

If you want to reap some of the benefits of coloring, like reduced anxiety or increased mindfulness, be sure to look at these inspirational coloring websites.

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