The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has added a bunch of new traversal mechanics designed to make exploring Hyrule a lot quicker and easier. Despite all of them, there still isn’t anything more satisfying than shredding down a large hill on top of your shield, a mechanic that was first introduced in the game’s predecessor Breath of the Wild. However, Tears of the Kingdom players have devised a way of using Link’s new abilities to make shield-surfing even more satisfying than it already is.

Throuhgout Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find all sorts of weapons and items you can Fuse to Link’s shield to make it a little more helpful. For example, you can fuse with a minecart to let you grind on rails, a rocket to send you flying into the air, or a ruby to have your shield explode when an enemy strikes it. This new shield-surfing technique doesn’t require any precious materials though, as players have started sticking Icy Meat to their shield to slide all over the place.


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First shared by u/Godzilla_RoAR on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, they demonstrate how fusing a piece of Icy Meat to your shield greatly reduces the amount of friction you’d normally see when shield surfacing. This means that you can now glide across relatively flat surfaces, and even the slightest slope will increase your speed and send you on your way much quicker than running, albeit at the cost of your shields.

To make things even better, this will work with a piece of normal meat or prime meat, two resources extremely easy to acquire as you explore Hyrule. There’s also the fact that Icy Meat won’t thaw out in warm environments like regular ice does, meaning you can take your Icy Meat shield to the Gerudo Desert and shred on some sane dunes with no worries of it turning into a regular ol’ lump of meat. It’s also super eay to freeze the meat too, as all you need to do is drop it in locations with freezing temperatures, such as the Hebra mountains.

It’s nice to see that even three weeks after launch, we’re still finding fun little discoveries that tempt us to dive back into Hyrule even after we’ve rolled the final credits. For example, popular YouTuber Shesez of Boundary Break fame recently discovered that Link’s Ascend ability briefly deletes the entire world around you can replaces it with a big green box.

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