The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a little while, and fans have been finding all sorts of wild glitches and bugs to help aid them on their journey across Hyrule. You couldn’t scroll down social media for two minutes last month without someone sharing a new duplication glitch, as Nintendo desperately tried to patch them all out as they popped up. However, a new movement glitch was recently discovered, and it could dramatically change how we all get around.

First shown off by popular streamer SmallAnt, all this glitch requires is a bit of Tears of the Kingdom know-how, a rocket, and a shield. Using a relatively popular glitch called “Fuse Entanglement”, the streamer fuses a rocket to their shield and immediately begins shield surfing in the air, with the propulsion of the rocket sending them skyward. Due to the Fuse Entanglement glitch, the game doesn’t register that that rocket shield has been used, which allows SmallAnt to continually switch in and out of shield surfing to travel quite a long distance without using up any stamina.


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Presumably, this means that you can continue doing this little trick for as long as you want or until your shield breaks, meaning this glitch can help you travel vast distances in no time at all. To make things even better, SmallAnt also confirms that this glitch works in every single version of Tears of the Kingdom there is, regardless of the update. That means it could shake up the game’s speedrunning scene pretty dramatically, though the main goal there is to try and cut down on the time spent in the game’s opening island.

It goes without saying that if this glitch gets pretty popular and spreads amongst the Tears of the Kingdom community, then we’ll probably see it patched out by Nintendo at some point in the near future. Those duplication gltiches we were all enjoying not too long ago were swiftly removed once Nintendo caught wind of them, so we probably only have a few days to enjoy flying around on rocket powered shields at best. Enjoy it while you can.

In other news, when they’re not causing Nintendo headaches by finding glitches all the time, you’ll also be able to find Tears of the Kingdom fans still coming up with ridiculous creations using Zonai Devices. For example, take this player who managed to create a fully functioning steam train and take it for a joy-ride around Death Mountain.

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