Outlaws isn’t just the first open-world Star Wars game, it also features seamless ground-to-space flight, so you can bring your scrappy little ship into scuffles with pirates and Imperial TIE fighters. If you’re feeling ambitious, however, creative director Julian Gerighty has teased far bigger space battles.

“The world is open to you, we’re trying to make it so you’ll always be distracted by little things,” Gerighty said in an interview with IGN. “A ship may fly overhead – you could follow it to where it lands, see if there’s an adventure […] and then there’s space. That’s the other frontier that we wanted to break down seamlessly. Jump in your ship, go into the atmosphere, explore the orbit, get into firefights from intimate dogfights to taking down much, much larger vessels.”


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We saw a glimpse of what we might be fighting in the Summer Game Fest world premiere cinematic trailer. It opens with giant Rebel ships crumbling above planets, TIE fighters zapping sporadically at said ships, and a Star Destroyer leaping through hyperspace into the battlefield. I’d hinge my bets on those iconic Imperial warships being the “much, much larger vessels” Gerighty teased.

We haven’t seen any huge space fights yet, but in the Ubisoft Forward gameplay breakdown, we did see Kay Vess’ ship in action. It looks a lot like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (the newer DICE one, not the original), with a strikingly similar UI and third-person point-of-view. You can roll out of the way of attacks and lock on to enemy ships with a red square, firing off lasers to try and take them out of commission. I doubt just shooting at the Star Destroyers will do much, though, so there’ll probably be more complex ways to take those down. It’s not like we can just force-pull one into the planet itself – we’re a smuggler this time.

When you’re done with the dogfights, or if you just want to make a quick getaway, you can boot up the hyperdrive and shoot off to another solar system. We also saw this in action, using the classic Star Wars visuals to represent the leap.

There aren’t many other big ships during the Original Trilogy besides Star Destroyers, unless we end up fighting Darth Vader in his Executor. Whatever it ends up being, a cobbled-together team of smugglers – and one hot droid – taking down a giant ship beyond their scope is Star Wars to the core.

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