Do you know what The Witcher has always needed more of? Femboys. There are twinks like Dandelion, bears like Dijkstra and the Baron, otters like Geralt, but no femboys. Stretching the term somewhat, that changes today, as we now have a Geralt Bishoujo statue that gives him a complete makeover.

“The dark fantasy realm of CD PROJEKT RED’s acclaimed RPG series The Witcher joins the BISHOUJO lineup!” the store page’s description reads. “And the first statue in this series will be… Geralt of Rivia!?

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“Designed by Shunya Yamashita, this legendary witcher has received an unexpected makeover into a beautiful female form. Now she comes to life, ready to unsheath her silver sword and cast Igni on her foes. The statue has been meticulously modeled by none other than sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto”.


The Witcher Bishoujo Statue showing a female Geralt drawing her silver sword while casting Igni

The statue will release next February, and you can pre-order it right now for $170. It’s a pre-painted PVC figure around 229mm tall and at 1/7 scale. You might also recognise its designer, Yamashita, who worked at Square Enix in 2000 on Final Fantasy 10 as an NPC and weapons designer, later lending a hand to Depth Fantasia. Now, he’s dipping his toes into the gritty fantasy of The Witcher, giving it a less gritty makeover.

Geralt is only the first in this line-up of crossovers, as the store description states, “The second The Witcher BISHOUJO is also currently in development! Keep an eye out for the ever expanding BISHOUJO series!”

Since Geralt has been completely transformed into a pretty woman, I’d hinge my bets on future collaborations sprucing up author Andrzej Sapkowski and developer CDPR’s world in a similar fashion. Maybe we’ll see Dandelion don a beautiful, vogue dress to match his diva personality. But with Geralt’s figure just over half a year away from releasing, it might be a while before we hear about any others.

If you haven’t heard of Bishoujo, it’s a “series of statues based off of Shunya Yamashita’s illustrations of various movie, game, and comic characters in the Japanese bishoujo (young beautiful girls) style.”

In the past, he has made figures of Rogue, Vulcan officers, Jane Foster’s Thor, G.I. Joe, Black Cat, Beetlejuice, Freddy Kreuger, Tali, Jason Vorhees, and more. With the male characters, he always reimagines them as women, so it’s likely that future entries into this series will either be women from The Witcher or men with a complete makeover.

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