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Meta Announces Quest 3 Ahead of Apple’s Rumored AR/VR Headset

Last Update: June 1, 2023

Facebook parent company Meta today announced the Quest 3, its next-generation mixed reality headset launching later this year. The announcement comes just days ahead of WWDC, where Apple is expected to unveil its own long-awaited AR/VR headset.

Meta Quest 3
Meta said the Quest 3 features a 40% slimmer and more comfortable design, a higher-resolution display, and up to twice the graphics performance as the Quest 2, released in 2020. The headset will start at $499.99 with 128GB of storage, and Meta will also be lowering the starting price of the Quest 2 back to $299.99 on June 4. The company plans to share more details about the Quest 3 during its Meta Connect event on September 27.

Apple’s headset is rumored to cost around $3,000, so the Quest 3 could be significantly cheaper. Meta also said the Quest 3 has an all-in-one design, whereas Apple’s headset will reportedly include an external battery pack that attaches with a wire.

In his newsletter last weekend, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman provided hands-on impressions of the Quest 3 before it was announced. He said that he “came away impressed with the mixed-reality focus of the Quest 3, the much-improved video pass-through capabilities, the faster performance and the large content library.”

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