The gorgeous ClearVPN app from MacPaw now comes with iOS widgets, Siri shortcuts, a Chrome extension and a revamped one-tap experience.

Marketing image showcasing MacPaw's revamped ClearVPN iPhone app
Is your VPN client this beautiful? | Image: MacPaw

Ukrainian developer MacPaw just launched ClearVPN 3 across iOS, iPadOPS, macOS, Android, Windows and Chrome. The free update sports improvements like a revamped appearance, Home and Lock Screen widgets, an ad-blocking Chrome extension and a Siri shortcut to automatically activate VPN when browsing.

VPN services are generally great for avoiding geo-blocking and regional restrictions on streaming services, and ClearVPN doesn’t disappoint.

What can you do with ClearVPN?

ClearVPN makes it easy to connect to specific servers or optimize your connection for specific streaming services, such as Amazon Prime US, Amazon Prime UK, Disney+ US, Disney+ UK, HBO Max, Netflix US, Netflix UK, and many others.
The main screen of ClearVPN's Mac appThe app uses AES-256 encryption and sophisticated VPN protocols that protect your browsing histories and IP addresses from snooping, so no one, including your carrier, can see the sites you visit.

New in ClearVPN: Widgets, shortcuts and extensions

Developer MacPaw provides a ClearWeb extension for Chrome that ClearVPN users can install to block ads and use smart filtering lists to block online trackers from tracking you. You can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.
The ad-blocking ClearVPN extension in Google's Chrome browserThere’s also now an official ClearVPN widget, available in multiple sizes, that makes it a cinch to quickly launch a VPN connection right from your Lock or Home Screen.
ClearVPN widgets on the iPhone's Home ScreenClearVPN now supports Apple’s Shortcuts app, which makes it even more helpful by providing five actions that can be used to automate the app.
ClearVPN automation in Apple's Shortcuts app on macOSFor instance, you could easily create automation to enable ClearVPN when you join public Wi-Fi networks.

A revamped interface with a one-tap experience

VPN apps can also have confusing, intimidating user interfaces. No such worries with ClearVPN. The app looks absolutely beautiful, and you can instantly launch a VPN by hitting the big round button. But don’t let the simplicity fool you; a lot is happening behind the scenes when you push that button.
Marketing image showcasing MacPaw's revamped ClearVPN iPhone appMacPaw operates a vast network of servers in more than 45 countries worldwide to anonymize your browsing, sorted out by speed. You can manually pick a server or have the app choose the fastest server relative to your current location.

The app’s new Optimal Location algorithm chooses the best server based on its location, proximity to servers, service availability, server load, and distance between servers, MacPaw explains in a blog post.

ClearVPN anonymizes your online activity

The app doesn’t collect or log your online activity and IP addresses, which is crucial when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks or ones with low security.
Choosing a streaming service in the ClearVPN Mac appWith a Kill Switch option enabled in settings, ClearVPN will automatically disconnect your device from the internet until the VPN connection is restored. The app supports multiple VPN protocols, including IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN. For more on these, read MacPaw’s guide to VPN protocols.

Pricing and availability

You can download and try ClearVPN 2 from the App Store. The app comes with a free 3-day trial that allows you to explore a full version and decide whether to subscribe. ClearVPN Premium is $3.75/month or $45/year, and a single subscription allows you to connect up to 6 devices per account.

ClearVPN requires at least iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0, macOS 11.0, Android 6.0 and Windows 10. It’s is also available as part of MacPaw’s Setapp subscription.

CleanMy®Phone launches, Setapp app store coming soon

MacPaw recently launched CleanMy®Phone, a mobile version of its CleanMyMac desktop app that evolved from its earlier Gemini Photos app. CleanMy®Phone cases AI to help declutter your Photos library, with the ambition to become the ultimate junk-cleaning app on iPhone and iPad.
MacPaw's Setapp service running on iPhoneMacPaw will also bring Setapp as an alternative app marketplace to its iOS customers in the European Union. Launching in April, the Setapp Mobile store will be available directly on your iPhone and iPad, resulting in a more integrated experience akin to Apple’s App Store.

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