Setapp, MacPaw’s macOS and iOS app subscription service, will launch an alternative app store on iPhone in the European Union (EU) in April.

MacPaw's Setapp service running on iPhone
Setapp’s app marketplace is coming to iPhone | Image: MacPaw

The initial catalog will include a cherry-picked assortment of apps, ranging from productivity and business tools and creative and design apps to lifestyle and productivity software and various utilities and specialized professional tools.

Setapp’s alternative app marketplace store will work on iPhones powered by Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.4 software, which will be released to the public in March. However, Setapp’s store will be restricted to customers from the 27 EU countries.

MacPaw is bringing a Setapp app store to iPhone in April

MacPaw, a Ukrainian developer of fine productivity software for Apple platforms, announced today that anyone can join a Setapp Mobile Beta waitlist to test the upcoming alternative app marketplace. iOS developers who wish to submit their apps for consideration can apply via the this page on the MacPaw website.

“Setapp will be available directly on iOS devices, allowing for a more integrated and convenient user experience,” MacPaw writes in a press release.

Setapp users can install iOS apps on their iPhones, but the process is less than ideal and involves scanning QR codes. “This expansion promises a diverse selection of premium applications for users and a supportive environment for developers.”

More about Setapp

Launched in 2017, Setapp provided access to 60+ paid Mac apps for $10/month but has since grown to 240+ carefully curated apps, most of which cannot be found on Apple’s App Store, with iPhone apps joining the full Setapp collection as well.

iOS 17.4 is likely just days from launch, considering that March 6 is the deadline for complying with the EU’s Digital Markets Act. Due to regulatory pressure, Apple will allow alternative app stores and payment methods in the EU.

Other concessions Apple agreed to include default browser options and a notarization process for iPhone apps distributed via alternative app marketplaces.

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