Is it LastPass or LassPass? LastPass wants you to know that it’s definitely LastPass, and LassPass is completely sus. The imposter “password manager” is undeniably masquerading as the real thing, and it’s live in the App Store as of this writing.

LassPass, which is not the actual LastPass company, includes in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $49.99. Aside from its name, the imposter LassPass app is clearly trying to trick LastPass users right down to the app’s color scheme and appearance.

The folks behind LastPass are actively trying to have the fraudulent app removed from the app Store.

We are raising this to our customers’ attention to avoid potential confusion and/or loss of personal data. For clarification, below we have included the URL for the fraudulent app as well as the link to our legitimate app so that customers can verify they are downloading the correct LastPass application for themselves until the fraudulent app is taken down.

Rest assured, LastPass is actively working to get this application taken down as soon as possible, and will continue to monitor for fraudulent clones of our applications and/or infringements upon our intellectual property.

In the meantime, this is the real deal. If you want to vote the imposter app out of the App Store, you can leave a review flagging it here. However, the App Store also contains other misleading apps that pretend to be major apps (like fake Google Authenticator and fake Google Drive), so who knows!

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